Acting – games

For our first few acting sessions we have been looking into games. This will help us to understand the mind of children when it come to devising our piece for our T.I.E project. We played the game, ‘what’s the time Mr wolf’ The purpose of this game is to get us into the mindset of a child and being genuinely excited or anxious about getting caught when the wolf turn around and runs to catch us. Although the games aren’t real, children take them seriously and think that they are. When it comes to our T.I.E project, I now understand that children will listen to our piece and believe every word, therefore what we reiterate to them must be factual in order for them to learn. I also think that adding audience participation would be a good thing to get the children engaged n what is going on.

Another game we played was musical chairs, the purpose of this is to feel the anticipation children feel when watching or taking part in something. Each time Erica took a chair away, the game intensified. I thought that this was a great way of understanding how a child thinks and why. Applying what we learned today, I think hat when we devise our project pieces, we need to take into consideration that children will feel strong emotions about the performance. They will cry when something is upsetting and they will laugh when something is funny and they will also be focused on what we say.

Before our next session, I am going to research more games to get myself into the mindset of how a child thinks so that we can create a piece based around something they enjoy but is also educational.


One thought on “Acting – games”

  1. Daytona, what have you been doing in acting? What activities have you carried out in the six weeks since the second year started?


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