Today we looked at script work. We looked at a small scene created from last years T.I.E project. We looked at Cinderella and read through the script as a whole group. I read the part of the prince. Erica then split us into groups of 3 and asked us to create our own scene. Scott, Jess and I worked together, Scott was the prince, Jess was cinderella and I was the ugly step sister.

We acted out the scene with the stage directions shown however we had to take into account how we must speak to the children. Because the rest of the class were sitting on the floor like they would if the were children, we had to talk down to them and make eye contact instead of be open and play to a theatre audience. We have to address them personally which is very different to performing to adults because they would find it very patronising.

When we performed our scene, Sian, Tom and Sophia were shouting things out like children usually do, and pointed things out that children would notice. For instance, Jess said the line ‘I haven’t got any shoes on’ when she did and Sian shouted out ‘Yes she does!’. The purpose of this was to get us used to them distracting us, as we are not allowed to corpse on stage, this prepared us for what they might say. We then did the same for the other groups.

I was given the feedback that I need to talk directly at the audience more to make them feel more involved otherwise the children could lose interest and switch off, I must do this when performing in my actual T.I.E performance otherwise i could lose the children’s engagement.

From this session, I learned that children do not have the concept of keeping quiet, therefore we need to carry on professionally. i didn’t realise just how much children react to things which is something we need to take into consideration when we are devising our pieces.


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