Unit 12 – Task 1a (Context)

Click here to view my final Project Proposal


2 thoughts on “Unit 12 – Task 1a (Context)”

  1. Daytona, as we discussed this afternoon, please could you save your proposal and the Action Plan as two separate documents and then upload them onto two separate pages
    Task 1a Project Proposal
    Task 1b Action Plan (Task 1b can then have multiple updates uploaded as your planning becomes more refined and detailed), thanks. Once this is done, let me know and I will go back in and give you feedback.


  2. Daytona – I can’t see any updates from when Helena last looked. Now that rehearsals are real and not just hypothetical, you should be updating the schedule – add adjustments in different colours, perhaps or add a column each week for updates as per the sheet that Helena has published.


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