U9 Task 6 Developing agreed TiE idea for performance & workshop

After we shared our individual presentations and group discussion ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMjJeJB009M ) about our initial idea, we were separated out into groups, the ‘maths’ group and the ‘English’ group.

Maths- Harry Ladell, Beth Easdown, Leah Smith, Daytona Florian and Josh Ely

English- Emma croft, Hannah King, Lou Rowe, James Ingram and Jack Taylor-Balls.

After we were separated into groups, we were able to go off and come up with a story line/basic plot around the theme of Maths to educate children. We all decided that we liked Beth’s idea based around an Evil Shape Collector that we could slightly adapt and though6t that creating a piece based around this would be the perfect way to embed Maths into a performance for children.

We then looked at Characters that we could have in the play and wrote a small fact file to build an idea of what they would be like:

  1. Isabella – Young child who goes on the adventure played by Beth E
  2. Fufu (Name subject to change) the dogtective and Isabella’s companion played by Harry L
  3. Isabella’s Granny – Has her family Shape Stolen, played by Leah S
  4. The Evil Shape collector – Steals people’s shapes to gain power, played by Josh E
  5. Sidekick – The Evil Shape Collector’s ‘helper’ played By Daytona F


No automatic alt text available.

Josh’s Character Profile

Image may contain: drawing

Leah’s Character Profile

No automatic alt text available.

Harry’s Character Profile

No automatic alt text available.

My Character Profile

No automatic alt text available.

Beth’s Character profile.

The idea behind this was to distinguish some characteristics of our characters so that we could place them into the piece and have an idea of what we would have to portray,. I feel this was extremely useful as when it came to building my character and performing, I knew how to do so.

Next we looked at a setting, primarily the whole piece will be set in ‘shape town’ with scenes at Granny’s house and at the Evil Shape Collector’s castle. Looking back on last year’s T.I.E performaces we noticed that ‘Jago’s Box’ used a folding back drop, we thought this would be perfect to use to symbolise Granny’s house. We also thought that on the flip side of the backdrop we could paint it to look like the Evil Shape Collector’s castle and turn it round in order to change location.

Voice Work:

On the 5th December 2016, I did a little voice work with Erica as I just couldn’t master what the Dim sidekick sounds like. Erica came into the group to help us, she said that the sidekick would probably have a very Low and Slow paced voice to signify A, his status and B, how silly he was. I tried out a couple of voices including a high pitched nasally one, however this didn’t quite fit the demands of the role. I practiced a low and slow voice over and over until I mastered it as I feel this is the perfect voice for the Sidekick and portrays everything to the audience that it crucial and needs to be.

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One thought on “U9 Task 6 Developing agreed TiE idea for performance & workshop”

  1. I am glad this work has now been posted up for me to assess and give feedback on.

    You were also asked to provide evidence of initial workshop ideas and possible structures but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of this yet?
    I am hoping that your devising and early rehearsal process will be found in the next task?
    Also, there seems to be a massive time gap (approximately one month) between deciding on the initial idea and theme and you doing work with Erica in early December on the voice for your sidekick character.

    Daytona, you are very articulate and intelligent but the evidence you offer for this task is significantly lacking in detail and does not meet the standard set for a level 3 qualification at Pass standard; if you maintain work at this standard you will not be able to achieve the qualification. This is very disappointing.


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