U9 Task 7 – devising & rehearsal process

Here I will update what we have been doing in our T.I.E rehearsals: (mainly video’s)

22nd November – Insulting!

In today’s session, we looked at insults that we could incorporate in our script, a few ideas came from Beth’s mum as she is a primary school teacher and a primary source of research.

24th November- Hot Seating, ouch! 

Today Josh, Harry and myself were the only one’s in rehearsal so we decided that we should try out some hot seating in order for us to gain a better understanding of our character. I feel this was very useful as it helped me to determine how my character would, walk, what they would talk about, their opinions and their reasons for their actions. I feel that this information will help me to portray the character better in the future

30th November – FINALISED? 

Today we have written, finalised and printed off our script, horah! Now we are able to get on blocking and stop worrying about the devising of the piece.

2nd December – Making a scene…

Today we started to block the first scene, it works well so far. We have Granny, Isabella and Sherlock sat together whilst granny has just come in and seen the Evil Shape Collector wanted posters everywhere. She comes in and asks Isabella to look after her family triangle for her as she is forgetful. Josh and I then sneak into her home in a silly manner, we both peer through the windows and I put my hands up to the glass to try and look in, we then look through the glass at the same time in a comedic manner before falling through the window.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

we had a productive day. Successful run through for Erica on book. We talked about an epilogue with the Evil Shape Collector with flowers and an apron giving flowers to Isabella at the end.
Decided it would help to have a path in the middle of the kids for the journey towards the castle. Castle door downstage left.
Talked about having a radio 📻 – Josh’s idea.
Dog biscuits
Concept of having the other types of triangles – would it confuse kids or is it a good idea? It would be good to out in a line where the SK asks if it would work but the ESC tells her it wouldn’t.
Dog Biscuits – ESC doesn’t know they’re dog biscuits but the kids do. Later on ESC will hear Sherlock talking about it and spit it out.

5th December – Developing a voice

Today we had Erica come in to help me develop a voice for my character, we played about with high and low pitched voices before deciding a low pitched and slow voice suited my character best and showed that he is quite dim and follows orders. we then read through the script to try our voices to find the perfect one for our characters.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and indoor

we also created the Newscaster’s piece to say at the start of the very first scene…                   it is as follows:

Newscaster: Breaking News Live from Letteropolis! All over Shapetown, the townspeople have claimed that their family shapes have gone missing. The Evil Shape Collector is suspected and still at large. One Townsfolk has said “It is awful, for you see, my rectangle has been in my family since before I can remember. It is absolutely dreadful.” More on this story as it devel-

7th December – More Research?

Josh’s primary research that includes ideas and techniques for our performance

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12th December- Interviewing 

Here is a video of an interview with an audience member who has feedback for us. I agree with everything she says in the sense that we all need to look at our characters an develop them even more, personally I feel i need to make my character even bigger. I agree with Jess that our piece is saleable to take on tour and there is a clear lesson objective there with something to be learned.

12th January (My Birthday) – Rehearsal tweaks 

In these video’s  we are blocking the final scenes in our piece…


Thursday 19th January

In today’s session we only had Harry, Leah and myself so we started to learn our lines for the project. I was surprised to see how many I could remember confidently. I feel that because we have gone over the scripts several times it has just stuck in my head. Harry and Leah also knew their lines well enough to get our way through the entire script with minimal prompting. We spent 2 hours on this before helping Harry on his sniffing technique. As he is a dog, we wanted to make him a little more dog like in the parts where he doesn’t speak so we had a play about with Harry pretending to be a dog and Leah and I directing him.



One thought on “U9 Task 7 – devising & rehearsal process”

  1. Daytona, this is a fairly good record of rehearsal sessions and what happened in them although I am disappointed that you haven’t included copies of the different versions of the script as it is being developed and refined. This is a very important part of the process and should be being logged and reflected on. I would have expected to see blocking notes too as you start to stage the piece. More character development overall, but particularly of the sidekick, as that is you part, would show that you are taking some ownership within the project. There is still no evidence of workshop ideas being put forward.
    It is very important that you are developing your evaluation and reflection skills as these are 1/3 of the criteria in the final graded unit. At the moment you are just providing a record of what happened but not evaluating. and then identifying what still needs to be done.


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