Unit 12 – Logs only

Below, you will find the links to all of my logs for my Final Major Project:

Final Major Project (Day 1 – The Briefing)

13th March 2017 – Characterisation

15th March 2017 – Presentational Skills

Basic Frame of the performance – 17th March 2017

Structuring our Final Major Project – 20th March 2017

Sorting through ideas – ‘Post it note board’ – Thursday 23rd March 2017

Developing logo and blurb ideas – 22nd March 2017

First drafted structure of the Performance by Lynn – 27th March 2017

Wednesday 29th March 2017 – Final Drafted Structure

17th April 2017 – Set Discussion

23rd April 2017 – Melodrama Issues

24th April 2017 – Melodrama Meeting

24th April 2017 – Trailer Mockumentary discussion

24th April 2017 – Q&A’s for the mockumentary trailer / Character research for Caroline Powell

26th April 2017 – Talking to terrorists discussion with Lynn

26th April 2017 – Melodrama edited script 

4th May 2017 – Talking to Terrorists line run

5th May 2017 – Rebel singing rehearsal

8th May 2017 – Whole company meeting with Lynn

12th May 2017 – Stumble Run

16th May 2017 – Change of circumstances

17th May 2017 – Directing and cleaning the vocals for Bring on the Men

18th May 2017 – Bring On The Men full rehearsal with Lynn



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