U9 Task 9 evaluation of rehearsed reading

After the rehearsed reading in the holiday’s, Josh and I got together to discuss a mixed view evaluation of how we thought our piece went. Here is a video of our discussion.

My personal view:

The day before the rehearsed reading, we encountered a few issues. As Leah was ill today, I had to Stand in for her part as Granny and Mrs Dollysmith. As I didn’t fully know her lines and stage directions, the piece dragged a little bit and we lost the pace a few times. Because of this we were knocked by our peers in the class quite a lot, despite having explained our situation. I feel this made us work twice as hard for the rehearsed reading to prove them wrong. This also made me feel that I needed to develop my character a lot more in order to meet the demands of the piece.

On Thursday 8th December, all groups from all pathways completed a rehearsed reading of their proposed Theatre In Education piece. My group completed our rehearsed reading of ‘The Evil Shape Collector and the missing triangle’.

In the morning before the rehearsed reading, we went through the ending scene just to figure out how it was going to finish as we had been a little behind in blocking the rest of this scene.

When it came to actually performing the piece, I felt that it flowed extremely well as we had all the members of our group there to perform. I feel our piece definitely caters well for the year group we aim to perform to. The theme of mathematical shapes is extremely clear throughout the duration of the piece and ticks the boxes needed in order to teach the children what they must learn, the only thing that desperately needs attention to is the descriptions of the shapes. I believe that they are a little too ‘boring’ and should be much more comical in order for the children to remember what we are trying to teach them.                          Upon receiving feedback from our peers (please see Task 8) it is clear our piece is well put together and thought about. However, we do need to sort out exactly what set we will be having as a few people remarked that it looked a little messy and cluttered. That said, there are also a few improvements that need to be made to characters, I feel I slip out of character too much and need to be a little louder and make my actions bigger to ensure the audience are engaged. Leah needs to work on finding an accent that is comfortable for her and that she can say clearly as she gives away a lot of the plot at the beginning and if she isn’t understood then the entire piece will not make sense. The relationships between all of the characters is really developing and the performance is solid and fits together nicely, we just need to make a few adjustments, but all in all, I feel we have a well put together piece that is almost ready to be shown.                                                                                                     Unfortunately, we haven’t fully discussed how our workshop will tie in with our performance, therefore I am unable to comment on it’s suitability which means our next steps of action would be to start devising a workshop and making sure that it fits with the theme of mathematical shapes.



3 thoughts on “U9 Task 9 evaluation of rehearsed reading”

  1. Daytona, Make sure, before you publish your evaluation, that you pay attention to the brief which asks you to: ” evaluate how well you feel your piece will meet the needs of the Key Stage you are aiming it at and what are the areas you will still need to clarify and develop before it will work as a touring piece.” AND “to evaluate how effective your workshop will be as an accompaniment to your piece and what are the areas you will still need to clarify and develop”. NONE of the groups discussed their workshop plans which was disappointing and you need to reflect on this.


  2. Daytona this is a fair enough evaluation. I do feel that you sometimes offer evidence which isn’t to the high standard that I am sure you are capable of. You are better able to hone your thoughts and refine the points you make when we have conversations together. Once you are on top of your work, stay on top of it so that you can write more effectively as you will not need to rush to catch up on missed deadlines.


  3. Good inclusion of the joint video evaluation by you and Josh – both of you are quite good at identifying things that need work and things that went well but you are less able to flag up what needs to happen next and how you’re going to ensure that it happens in a timely fashion. The purpose of evaluating and reflecting as you go through the process is to help you plan and organise things so that you stay on schedule and deliver the best and most effective performance you can by the time of the start of the tour. This means you need to consider the production elements and you need to consider the workshop to the same degree as you analyse the performance elements.


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