U11 Essay Plan ‘Stage VS Screen’

My essay is going to be about the difference between acting for film and acting for stage. I chose to do this as I find the different techniques used particularly interesting. One day I would love to become an actress, however I’m still unsure if I want to keep to stage only or not, and I feel this task will really help to inform me more of what each technique entails and what my options are.

The points I’d like to cover in my essay are:

  • What is stage acing?
  • What is film acting?
  •  What are their environments (Theatre and film set) – what it’s like for stage and what it’s like for film…
  • Where’s the actor?  Where’s the audience? (For both mediums)
  • Difference in scripting – why is that the case? What are the differences?

Difference in techniques:

  • Facial Expressions and body gestures, how are they differnt for each one?
  • Voice and Volume used for each
  • Preparation and Performance for both stage and film

Where am I going to get my research from?

I am going to get my research from a range of sources including the internet, books, interviews, emailing local people who have been in both film and on stage, having a go for myself in order to determine what’s it’s like and what the difference is. I will also watch a performance on stage and evaluate the techniques used and compare those to a film and the techniques that are used it that!


2 thoughts on “U11 Essay Plan ‘Stage VS Screen’”

  1. Daytona, what have you been doing in your group singing sessions with Paul? Are you covering a particular era? a particular technique? a particular type of harmonisation? What have you been doing in your 1-1 sessions with Birgitta? What song are you working on? Who wrote it? Where does it come from? Who sang it originally? Why are you working on this song?


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