My involvement with the show nights

As I was unable to perform in the show, I stayed behind on show nights to help out with any general issues or situations that arose. Most of the time I was available to source drinks for the cast before the show as they we unable to do so themselves as they were not allowed in the Bistro. At several points I refilled water bottles and ensured that the company had ample to drink in order for them to stay hydrated which is something that is extremely important when considering the heat of the lights in the theatre.

I also helped out with costume issues and ensuring the cast were able to wear their costumes comfortably. I was able to do up zips and buttons and ensure everyone had the right costume at the right time. I also assisted with make up and hair. As many of the girls wanted to do their own make up, I left many of the company member girls to it however I did ensure Lou was show ready with make up complete. When it came to hair, I helped Jess as she needed to have her hair curly in order for her ponytail to stay in place. Although I am not the most confident with styling hair, between myself and Emma, we were able to achieve what Jess was looking for successfully.

The biggest struggle for me on the show nights was watching and helping everybody get ready knowing that I was not going to be in the show. This did upset me a little however I knew that I needed to put my resentments behind me and assist the company for the good of the show.

After I had helped out with the initial process of getting things ready, I watched the show as I felt that it was important to see the end product and to support my peers despite what I was feeling. On the whole, I felt that the show was a huge success and came together all at the last minute. On the first night, many of the company members seemed a little apprehensive of how the show would pan out, and lacked a little confidence. Because of this I didn’t feel that they owned their pieces although I felt that it looked better than what they thought it did. On the second night, everybody seemed to be a lot more comfortable with the performance and seemed more relaxed on stage. It appeared that the company let loose and gave as much energy as possible into their performances which lifted the audience and saw the cast receive some phenomenal and well deserved feedback.

On the whole, I feel that the cast would have benefited from more rehearsal time to polish a few of the transitions, although these were only noticeable to me as I knew the show and had watched the rehearsals. However, the entire performance looked and sounded amazing with high energy. Although I was sad I was not able to perform, I am incredibly proud of my peers and the 13 week process everybody went through certainly paid off.




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