Marketing Materials 

Below you will find the various different marketing methods that we used to advertise our performance. 

To begin with we put an advert in our “season brochure” alongside adverts for other performances that can be handed out amongst audiences for shows such as Bonnie and Clyde and Art and Life to boost ticket sales.

Next were the video trailers created by Leah Sanders (Production Arts Student) that were available to be posted by cast members on their personal social media accounts and to gain more audience interest in the show.  

Final Trailer: 

Short Film: 


Personally, I feel that this is a great method of promoting our show. It gives more context and shows the nature of the show in more depth than just a blurb. It is also more interesting for the audience to watch and hopefully attracts more ticket sales. 

Facebook Event: 

By creating a Facebook Page, it was easy to invite people to come and watch the show. It’s is also a great way to advertise something widespread and is also a free method of doing so. This way we were enabled to share our trailers and posters to the wider community without spending a budget, it was also guaranteed to attract more people and more people use social media than they would read our college brochures. 


Above is the poster that was put up in Brandon Tesco to advertise our show. These posters were put up in and around college also and worked well to gather audience interest. I found them to be extremely informative however, if were were to create them again, I would make them a little bigger. 


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