16th May 2017 – Change of circumstances

Today has been one of the worst days I have ever experienced in my entire time at Conservatoire East. To put in bluntly, I am pissed off.

Following a meeting that took place last week, I was told that in order to continue to perform in the show, I needed to be fully on time to registration on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday 15th May, I was on time and had a full day of rehearsals to perfect my pieces for Saints and Sinners. By the end of the day, I was extremely happy with the state of the pieces and acknowledged that my next stage would to be off book ready for next week, which was something I felt confident I could do.

Unfortunately, due to a transport issue, I was a little late to registration this morning and saw a message had been put up on our Conservatoire East Facebook page asking me to go and talk to Lynn. The message read “Daytona Florian you need to come and find me. I’m busy until lunch time.” – Naturally, I waited until after lunch to find Lynn as that was when she said she was free, however during the lunch break I received this message:

Lynn Whitehead – “I have just been informed that you have been seen in the building (Tues 16 May 13.00) I must let you know that this message will be logged on your ILP. I have sent it privately through messenger so as not to advertise this comment. After our meeting last Friday (also logged on ILP), I made it clear to you that if you didn’t turn up for registration on Monday and Tuesday, then I would have no choice but to remove you from the performing company of Saints and Sinners in order to be fair to your colleagues. You did not come to registration this morning and you have made no attempt to let anyone know why, or where you are. We consistently remind students that to be in the building without registering is a health and safety risk as well as being contrary to the usual practice of the department. You also failed to respond to my message posted this morning asking you to come and talk to me about your absence. It makes me very sad but I will need to replace you in the show so you really need to come and speak with us about what you might do in order to pass the Unit” 
I spoke to Neil (Our Personal Support Tutor) about this and he arranged for me to have a meeting with Lynn as I was extremely upset and annoyed by this.
Lynn explained that I have now been cut from the show as I was not in registration. Personally, I’m confused at how being late to registration and unable to attend the stumble run for very valid reasons outweighs all of the effort and rehearsals I have put into my pieces. All of the effort has been a complete and utter waste of time and now puts pressure on others who are taking my place to learn my sections of the show. I know my pieces and they have been blocked and practiced again and again (See evidence on WP) yet I am not able to put this to use at all. Also, I know for a fact that other members of the company are also late yet have not been cut from the show, how is this fair in any way?
I am feeling victimised, upset and disappointed by this and feel that it is going to be extremely hard to salvage some sort of activity for me to do to ensure I get at least a merit grade in order for there to not be a knock on effect on me confirming my place to study at The Royal Central School Of Speech And Drama.
Lynn suggested that I take on the role of marketing, therefore I am going to create an action plan tonight for myself as I only have 1 week to pull something amazing out of the bag in time, then discuss this plan with Lynn and put the wheels into motion asap.
It is extremely upsetting that I am not able to partake in my last show here at Conservatoire East and know full well that this has but a downer on the end of my 2 years. I shall be coming to watch the show, however it is not the same. I feel all my effort has gone to waste and must try and salvage the best possible grade out of this mess as possible, otherwise, my chances of studying at Drama School will go completely out of the window.



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