8th May 2017 – Whole company meeting with Lynn

Today, the year 2’s got together to have a group meeting with Lynn, we decided that it was important to make a timetable so that everyone was clear of rehearsal dates and times, when everyone was available or not and what needs to be rehearsed.

Below is a picture of our action plan:


8th May 2017 – Today everyone in the melodrama has called a rehearsal as we have not started this yet, we have had to take Leah away from her ‘man of the moment’ scene for this which provoked some upset with Josh which was quickly resolved by sharing our the amount of time we had Leah, although not ideal, we worked around the situation and came to a conclusion that benefitted all.

9th May 2017 – Leah, Josh and Harry will not be in any rehearsals from 10am as they will be out of college filming their scenes, it is important to bear this in mind when arranging rehearsals that involve them.

10th May 2017 – The whole company have been called for a ‘Rebel’ rehearsal at 11:30am as this is the finale and still needs a lot of work, no rehearsals for other scenes can take place at this time as it needs to be primarily devoted to learning and rehearsing the finale of the show. Also on this day at 1pm – 2pm the ‘Bring on the men’ girls need to practice their piece. As I am in this, I am unable to rehearse Talking to terrorists with James. At 2pm – 2:45pm the waitress’ will be rehearsing their saint Jimmy number which means we are unable to rehearse ‘bring on the men’ as the waitress’ are the main parts in this song and the melodrama as Emma will not be available, therefore I feel this is the perfect time for James and I to rehearse ‘Talking to terrorists’ ready for the stumble run through

12th May 2017 – The company have agreed to do a timed stumble run through of the show, this time is ideal for the techies as they also have other commitments to other shows. We aim to start this at 10am, where all pieces need to be off book and any music used needs to be cut to length in order for us to time the show accurately as possible.

15th, 16th, 17th May 2017 – BONNIE AND CLYDE CAST UNAVAILABLE! This includes a lot of year 2’s however, James and I are still able to rehearse our scene and Emma, James, Leah and myself are able to rehearse our parts for the melodrama. Whilst most of the company are away this would be a good time to continue on with marketing and finding props/costumes to use in our individual pieces, ensuring everything is as organised as possible. Vicky is also not available on the 16th meaning the dancers will need to rehearse without her and we will need to bare in mind she will not be able to rehearse ‘bring on the men’ although this should not affect the piece majorly.

19th May – Dress run, all pieces need to be finished and all music needs to be sent to Jordan Brown via an MP3 method. All props and costumes also need to be sourced.

Show week:

Monday: The set for Bonnie and Clyde needs to be out and the set for Saints and Sinners needs to be in.

Tuesday: We will begin a tech run in the afternoon as this is best for the techies as they will still be setting up the stage.

Wednesday: We will finish and complete both a tech and dress run with all day rehearsals ready for the show that night.

Overall I feel that this is a good schedule to stick to and shows who is available for what, to ensure rehearsals run as smoothly as possible and are arranged accordingly. This also sets deadlines that will stop the group from procrastinating and puts into perspective what we have to do and how much time we have left.





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