5th May 2017 – Rebel singing rehearsal

As we hadn’t started the rehearsal process for ‘Rebel’ (our finale) yet, I was beginning to grow more and more concerned at how the vocals for the number would end up sounding. Personally, I know that the majority of the group are not confident singers or simply do not like it, therefore do not participate as much as they should, I have seen this happen a lot in our morning choir sessions at college. Fortunately, Bethany Barber (vocal tutor) was in today and we were able to have a group session with her where we went through the song together, taught everyone the tune and delegated separate lines of the song to different groups as it sounded overpowering with everyone trying to sing in unison the whole time.

A huge problem we encountered was that there isn’t any sheet music or lyrics anywhere online for this song, therefore everything had to be worked out by ear. Luckily Jess Last plays the piano and usually works out accompaniments by ear so prior to the rehearsal, Jess worked out the chords for the song on the piano and kindly played them in an accompaniment for us in today’s rehearsal  and will probably do so in the show itself. Beth Easdown managed to work out what the lyrics were by ear having listened to the song, over and over again. She typed up the lyrics she could hear and posted them on the Saints and Sinners Facebook page for everyone to learn/print out. An issue for me is singing amongst people who struggle to pitch notes. I understand that not everyone is the most confident singer however, I’m not sure how someone cannot hear they’re not in tune or that their voice doesn’t match to the piano and other voices around them. I myself have been put in a singing group with Leah Smith, James Ingram and Jess Last for the song. I am pleased to have Jess therefore I know I won’t have to fight to be able to hold the tune above what other people are singing. I just hope Jess and I are able to help Leah and James out with the singing as much as possible and make singing the song comfortable with them.

Overall, I felt that the rehearsal went well and I now know the lyrics to the song, however, I do feel we still need to get together a couple more times as a company because as you can hear in the video, not everything is in tune, maybe this is due to having a musical background and I am also very sensitive to being able to hear if a note is perfectly pitched or not. I’m not happy to just leave the song as it is without any more practice, Bethany did a great job with teaching the song, however the song is by no means polished (as you would expect after a first run)

Below is the video of the rehearsal:



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