5th May 2017 – Talking to Terrorists rehearsal with Lynn

In our afternoon session with Lynn we all split off into groups to rehearse and work on pieces that are in our Saints and Sinners show. As Josh Ely and Leah smith had previously booked this slot with Lynn to rehearse their ‘man of the moment’ piece, and James and I needed to also rehearse with Lynn as I felt that our piece was in a critical state; Lynn kindly invited us to join Josh and Leah’s session so that she could work with us afterwards.

After watching how developed Josh and Leah’s scene was, it made me realise how much work James and I need to put in to perfect this scene. I have identified a major problem, which is that we both don’t have the updated script, therefore we have been sharing the book version of the script, meaning learning the lines has become impossible! I have asked James countless times to send me a photo of the script as he likes to take the book home, however he will always agree but not follow through. After a day of pure hounding James, he eventually sent the photos I asked for so I could make an electronic version of the script, things like this are extremely frustrating as I feel we are not progressing as quickly as we need to be.

When Lynn was directing Josh and Leah she was asking them in depth questions about their characters, things like ‘Why is your character a reserved character?’ ‘Is your character a bold person and outgoing?’ – Immediately I began thinking about my character and what she looks like, how she feels? Is she reserved? Why is she in the nightclub? How does she know the IRA Terrorist? How old is she?

When it came to our session with Lynn, we stumbled through the scene with the basic blocking we had set prior to our meet. We performed the scene to Lynn which went better than initially expected. It is evident that James and I need to learn the script in order for us to add more characterisation to the piece, however I feel we are both performing in character and it is clear to see the contrast and tension between them, the feedback Lynn gave to me was that I naturally put upwards inflections on the ends of my sentences which make them sound like questions, I need to ensure that I vary the endings to add emotive effect to the piece. I then explained to Lynn that I had seen the year 1’s commission, Art and life and wanted my accent to mimic Thalia’s when she was in the hell scene as it was extremely posh and matches what my character would sound like, being that she is an MP’s wife, she suggested I say the word ‘little’ without the suffolk “w” on the end of the word and making it sound more like ‘lit’ and then ‘tle’ said quickly so that it all rolls into one. The notes James were given, were that he needs to speak with more clarity, slow down his speed like he is explaining something in detail and pronouncing th’s properly, however his accent is coming along very nicely! We also spoke about Caroline being disconnected from the situation when she speaks, however well up at moments where she realises that she really was there and that it happened to her. Lynn asked me to look at videos of Tara Palmer Tomkinson and Princess Beatrice to mimic their accents for this piece.

Lastly we discussed costumes, we came to the conclusion that it would be best if I wore smart but casual clothing, such as a pencil skirt and coloured blouse with heels and a jacket, and James wear casual clothing – the reason behind this is that we still need to keep our characters, however we are in a nightclub and it would be inappropriate for James to be dressed as an IRA terrorist there. In order to progress from here, James and I need to be off book by next week in order to be able to add more characterisation to the piece and spend some time doing in depth research into our characters and their accents. I feel we are on track so far as it stands though, James and I plan to meet Tuesday next week to run through this again and prior to the session I shall ensure James and I have the updated scripts to work with.


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