4th May 2017 – Talking to Terrorists line run

Today, James and I decided to block and line run through the new script additions we were given yesterday. Personally, I feel that this piece has been pushed aside by James and myself and has not been worked on as much as it should. Now we have the new cut scripts, my priority is to learn the new sections and to actually block our piece. Sometimes, I feel James is a little reluctant to work on the scene as he will often procrastinate about doing so, or if we arrange to meet to block and rehearse he will be late. However, he has made an effort to learn some of his lines and portray a Northern Irish accent.

Today we decided to keep the blocking simple and just have each character at opposite ends of the stage, showing that they’ve just clocked each other, primarily because we want the audience to listen to the words of the piece and not focus too much on the movement as that is not what will touch the audience! Each character will be with a group of friends drinking at a table when they both notice each other and Caroline realises that he is the man who bombed her hotel and the I.R.A Terrorist realises she was in the hotel at the time. I found today’s rehearsal to be very tricky as it took us until the afternoon to be able to find a room, this is due to the year one’s comission show this week and the rehearsals for that, therefore they have priority over rooms. However, at 1:30 we managed to find a slot for T007, unfortunately as we tried to begin filming, we were interrupted several times by teachers and students from other courses wandering in to pick things up in the middle of the video, caretakers looking at the roof of T007 and media students wanting to film which meant it took us 14 attempts to be able to film our scene fully without any interruptions, which became increasingly frustrating. I felt James and I had done well today, we just need to add more character to the piece and the accents, although today was just about going through it and rehearsing the new script additions.

Below is a video of our rehearsal:



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