26th April 2017 – Talking to terrorists discussion with Lynn

In today’s session, James and I got together to look over the scripting for talking to terrorists. Prior to doing this, Lou came up to me and said that as I hadn’t been in college very much this past week (Due to personal reasons that the tutors are aware of) she will be taking my place as Caroline in the piece. I informed Lou that James and I had done a lot of work with regards to cutting the script and learning our lines, however she was adamant that this was now hers as she hasn’t got much to do at all. Initially I was extremely annoyed as a lot of work and effort has already gone into the rehearsal process for this performance and I am also not in many pieces for the show either. I was confused as to why she thought it was now something she was acting in. After the conversation took place, I found Lynn and cleared up the fact that she was not taking my place and it was only a plan b if I wasn’t able to handle the performing in the piece – which of course, I am!

James and I then had a meeting with Lynn where we discussed how far we had got in terms of rehearsing, scripting and preparation for the performance. I explained that we had cut the script and sent it off to the production arts team as asked and began learning the lines to be off book as soon as possible. Lynn then explained that the script needs to be two monologues, one for James and one for myself! This means that we are going to have to change the cutting of the script slightly, however I wasn’t too worried as I had an idea how to re-write what we had already done and will have the new version by tomorrow morning as it will be something I am going to work on tonight. Lynn seemed to be pleased with the progress we had made so far.

After the meeting took place, James and I took to the Bistro to do a line run through, we established that we are very nearly off book however James needs to work on his Irish accent as it is a little ropey at times. Despite this, the piece flows well and with the changes, I’m hoping it will flow and fit into place even better. James and I then discussed that tomorrow it is a must that we start blocking the piece with the new amended script changes , however the ideas we have for blocking are fairly simple therefore it shouldn’t take up too much time, which leaves us with a couple of weeks rehearsal time in order to perfect the piece and get it to the high standard that it needs to be.

Personally, I am happy with the progress made for this piece and feel that we are actually ahead, therefore we will have much more time to tweak areas and think about costumes. The discussion with Lynn eased my mind about the issues Lou raised and as far as I am concerned I am going to carry on as I have been. I had happy Lynn was pleased with the overall progress we had made and feel that we are on the right track, despite the minor changes to the script that need to be made and re-sent off to the production arts team. I am going to inform the technicians tonight in our chat so that they can expect an amended script to work with before they begin working with the one they already have.


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