26th April 2017 – Melodrama edited script

As I had already written the middle section of the script for the melodrama, I asked Leah to edit and amend anything that needed doing so. Today Leah sent through her edit of my script to which we all agreed we were happy with, although there are not many changes, I feel that the amendments that have been made help the piece to flow easier and make it a little longer, I am pleased that my structure has been kept and gives me faith in the fact that I can actually write a script and that perhaps I shouldn’t be as nervous about writing for performance as I am. I now have every confidence that I am able to re script James and I’s ‘Talking to terrorists’ scenes correctly and ensure that it makes sense.

The new script is as follows:

Daytona: *Fairly drunk and stumbling a little* That’s a fantastic story! Jill! Jill! Come on, let’s act it out. It’s sooo romantic.

Leah: Caroline, you’re drunk and I’m certainly no where near as drunk as you to act out some story. Daytona: Pfft, come on, you know you want to..

Leah: If it will make you leave me to my drink

Daytona: And you Brendan!

James: *Finishes drink and stands up to join in* What am I doing?

Leah: Some lovey dovey thing Caroline overheard. Do we have to do this? *Rolls eyes*

Daytona: Yes Jill, it’ll be fun, I’ll show you… *Low pitch imitating voice said in a melodramatic way* *to Leah* Oh Jane, my love, I love you so much, but I just can’t be with you right now because I also love Rose

Leah: You love Rose? How could you love Rose? We were meant get married and live in absolute wedded bliss

Emma: Don’t forget the children! *All laugh*

Leah: and surrounded by our many, many, many, many wonderful children

James: And what am I meant to be doing here?

Where do I come into this… love triangle?

Leah, Daytona & Emma: We’re getting to you!

Daytona: *low pitch imitating voice* * to James* Oh Rose, my beloved, I love you with all my heart, but I love somebody else..

James: WHAT?! *Fake crying* How could you do this to me Edward?

*Scene freezes, Emma steps in front and says*

Emma: Rose and Edward are in a relationship and they’ve not been getting on for some time now. Edward is having an affair with Jane who is completely smitten with Edward. Edward is unaware that Rose knows about his sordid little affair and he is now telling his fiance and his “little thing on the side” about one another…

*Scene unfreezes*

Daytona: I’m ever so sorry, maybe it would be better is we…

James: * Still fake crying* If we what Edward…

Daytona: *Extremely dramatic* If we part and go our separate ways.

I aim to have learnt this section of the script and be off book by the end of next week, to ensure that this happens, I will line run the script as much as possible with the other people in the melodrama group and independently read through the script until I am able to remember my lines and ques.


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