24th April 2017 – Trailer Mockumentary discussion

Today we held a meeting with the Production Arts team about Leah’s idea to create a trailer that shows the performance in more depth that the initial teaser, that would show footage of the rehearsal process or individual character interviews (much like hot seating) we figured as a group that this would allow the audience to understand and connect with the characters after having prior context and knowledge about them.

We established that the people who will be in this are:

  • St. Jimmy (Jack)
  • The waitress’ (Emma, Beth and Sian)
  • Douglas (Josh)
  • The posh boys (Harry, Tom, maybe Josh?)
  • Caroline (Daytona)
  • Sophia and Faye

We discussed the possibility of them being filmed inside the club, outside the club and in various places relevant to their characters. We wanted the waitress’ to partake in the interview together and in unison to make the recording more comedic. The posh boys could be talking about how rich they are and show the audience the snobby side to their characters so that they have prior knowledge of their backgrounds so that their pieces have a little context to them and will be more understandable and easy to follow. We also wanted the characters to talk about irrelevant information about their lives and why they’re at the club to also add to the comedic nature as it is a mockumentary trailer. Leah has asked us to think about the following questions to answer in our interviews, they are as follows:

These are the questions for the customers:

How have your previous experiences at the club been?
What is it about the club that keeps bringing you back?
What do you think of the staff?
What do you about Saint Jimmy?
Would you recommend Saint Jimmy’s to other members of the public? Why?

These are questions for Saint Jimmy and the Waitresses:

What is your favourite thing about working at the club?
Do all of the staff get along? (Think about mentioning kitchen staff, stage crew, come up with names if you want)
What do you think of the customers you get in the club?
Would you change anything about the club if you could?

I think that this is extremely helpful in knowing and deciding what to say in the trailer interviews, as this needs to be filmed as soon as possible, I aim to have my answer to these questions by Wednesday 26th April, ready to film. Overall, I think the meeting was successful and we all established what we would like to include in the mockumentary and what it should be about.





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