24th April 2017 – Q&A’s for the mockumentary trailer / Character research for Caroline Powell

As previously spoken about before, we have been asked to think of the answers to the following questions. Prior to the filming of the mockumentary trailer, I have prepared what I am going to say so that I am able to rehearse it. This is also good for my character research when exploring the reasons for why she is in the club.

As I am a customer these are my set of questions I have been asked to answer:

How have your previous experiences at the club been?

  • I’m quite a regular in the club, usually I have a good time here and like to come here to relax

What is it about the club that keeps bringing you back?

  • For me it would definitely the atmosphere, you won’t find a better atmosphere in any of the other clubs around here, we just come and have a laugh

What do you think of the staff?

  • I adore the staff, I find them all extremely friendly and easy to talk to, especially Maddie, we’ve become really good friends! I’m a little weary of St. Jimmy though, something about him seems very odd

What do you about Saint Jimmy?

  • I tend to just ignore him, I don’t particularly like the bloke in all honesty, I think he’s nosey!

Would you recommend Saint Jimmy’s to other members of the public? Why?

  • Oh definitely! I love it here and it’s a friendly and safe lace to come and have a drink, let your hair down, relax or just enjoy the entertainment really. Like I said before, the atmosphere here is so much better than in any other club and the drink are much much cheaper!

I feel that I am now prepared to film my interview with Leah having thought out my answers to the questions, I found the use of questions helpful and I knew what to script for my interview in the mockumentary. I wanted to make my answers as short and simple as possible as there are a few other interviews in the trailer and the group have decided that the trailer should be as short as possible because it is not a short film, however it needs to be longer than the initial teaser itself.


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