24th April 2017 – Melodrama Meeting

Today, as planned, the melodrama group held a meeting to discuss the ideas Emma and I came up with in our video call the previous night. Beth, Lou, Emma, James, Leah and myself were all present. However, in this meeting James and Leah did not contribute at all to the discussion or even agree/disagree with what we were proposing. Much like the night before in the group chat discussion where they did not offer an opinion, they stayed quiet throughout the meeting, occasionally nodding their heads at things we would say. Even when asked their opinion, they did not voice what they thought or their concerns in the slightest! I feel that Leah is prioritising her piece with Josh and herself over the melodrama, which is extremely unhelpful as we are pushed for time and need ideas offered by all members of the group to get the piece scripted and finished as soon as possible. I feel James is totally unaware of the time scale we have left (4 weeks) and is dossing, this is very frustrating for myself and the members of the group who are not actually performing in the piece as they seem to be putting more effort into this that those that are performing in it.

That said, we had a fruitful meeting, where we discussed the structure Emma and I had decided, we established that Lou’s character is drunk and knows Emma is best mates with Beth, she confides in Emma about what’s happening between her, Harry and Beth when she goes up to the bar to get a drink Emma tells Lou what she’s heard about the situation and Lou tells her her version of events are wrong and begins to tell Emma what is actually happening from her side Emma defends Beth and Lou disagrees and they both end up coming to the conclusion that Harry is in the wrong after a long discussion at the bar. Emma has an idea about a book she’s writing and wishes to include the ‘love triangle’ situation as the main plot for the novel. Emma knows Daytona so she tells Daytona her idea and says that she got inspiration from Lou, Beth and Harry’s situation, intoxicated, Daytona gets James and Leah to act out the love triangle because they are all drunk. Lou sees what is going on an asks what we’re doing and shouts explaining that that’s not what she told Emma, Everyone is very drunk at this point, especially Lou as she would never confront somebody usually as she is not very upfront.

Overall the entire group agreed with what we had decided and actually like the idea’s we suggested. As a whole, we decided to keep the structure as it is and begin to build upon it when writing the script. I then asked Lou if it would be possible to change her character description so that she isn’t upfront unless she has had something to drink, however, she stuck to her original description and defended the idea that she would only be upfront if it was with someone she knows and she was put in a situation where she was forced to do so. – This was not in the description she gave me, therefore I interpreted it that she simply just was not upfront. I agreed to keep it as the original bearing in mind the new information she had just told me and begin writing a script for the middle section.

We allocated parts of the script to be written by certain members of the group, these are as follows:

  • Beth and Emma are writing the beginning scene
  • Leah and I are writing the middle section
  • Beth is writing the final scene

I was happy to do this, as was Beth and Emma however Leah seemed very reluctant to want to write a script for the middle section (Even though creative writing is what she wants to study at university), but did not object to the delegation.  We decided to write parts of the script and feedback what we had done so far in Wednesday 26th commission lesson.

Later on after we had concluded the meeting, I tried to find Leah to begin working on the script however she had decided to go home, therefore I started writing the script myself.. Here is what I have come up with so far (Bearing in mind, I’ve never written a script before in my life so I’m not sure it is correct) :


*Emma has just told Daytona that she’s writing a novel about a love triangle

*All characters are quite drunk

*For the purpose of the script we’ll call James, Brendan.

Daytona: *Fairly drunk and stumbling a little* That’s a great plot! Jill, Jill we need to act this out, come here, come here

Leah: I’m not drunk enough yet..

Daytona: Pfft, come on, you know you want to..

Leah: Fine (Reluctantly stands up)

Daytona: And you Brendan!

James: *Finishes drink and stands up to join in* Alright then, I’m coming

Leah: Do we have to do this? *Rolls eyes*

Daytona: Yes Jill, it’ll be fun… *Low pitch imitating voice said in a melodramatic way* *to Leah* Oh Jane, my love, I love you so much, but I just can’t be with you right now because I also love Rose

Leah: What on earth do you mean you love Rose? we were meant to get married and live together

Emma: Don’t forget the children!

*All laugh*

Leah: and have many….many…..many…..many children

James: Where do I come into this?

Leah, Daytona & Emma: We’re getting to you!

Daytona: *low pitch imitating voice* * to James* Oh Rose, my beloved, I love you with all my heart, but I love somebody else..

James: WHAT?! *Fake crying* How could you do this to me Edward, who is it, who is it? *Scene freezes, Emma steps in front and says*

Emma: Rose and Edward are in a relationship and they’ve not been getting on for some time now. Edward is having an affair with Jane who is completely smitten with Edward. Edward is unaware that Rose knows about his sordid little affair and he is now telling his fiance and ‘bit on the side’ about one another…

*Scene unfreezes*

Daytona: I’m ever so sorry, maybe it would be better if we…

James: * Still fake crying* If we what Edward…

Daytona: *Extremely dramatic* If we part and go our separate ways.

Obviously this is just a rough draft, however it is a start in trying to get the piece on it’s feet, I have sent what I have done to the group chat involving the other members and am awaiting feedback on what I have done so far. I am going to continue writing more of the script tomorrow and will hopefully be able to take into account other people’s opinions so I know whether or not I’m headed in the right direction with what I am writing. I aim to have it mostly written by wednesday and would also like to have input from Leah as she is supposed to be helping me with this task. I do not mind taking on the task and co writing, however, I do not feel confident that I have the skills to script this on my own as previously explained.


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