23rd April 2017 – Melodrama Issues


Originally, Josh Ely took on the task of writing the melodrama. As it had been discussed that we were changing the St Edmund piece to a spoof of Harry, Beth and Lou’s love triangle situation, Josh began writing a script for Leah, James, Emma and myself so we could re enact the scene between them. On friday 21st April, Josh handed over the script writing to myself as he wasn’t happy with his ideas or confident in writing the piece by himself.

This has put an enormous strain on our group as we were expecting to have a script by this week so that we could begin blocking and rehearsing scenes. We have literally been left with nothing! Lynn has told us that if we do not have a drafted script by the end of the coming week, the piece will be about St Edmund again, which is something none of the cast want, and also the script would need to be written for that too so we may aswell write a script for something we actually want to perform and would fit into the show much better.

After having a group discussion over Facebook, we have decided that Emma and I are going to write the script ourselves as I’m not confident in writing the entire piece on my own, Beth also offered a few ideas for us to work with including giving Lou a scene afterwards where she confronts the people who are making a mockery out of her situation as like I pointed out, If Lou is a love triangle character, it wouldn’t be fitting for her to be in the melodrama group taking the mickey out of her own situation… therefore we need to change this a little. Unfortunately, Leah Smith and James Ingram neglected to join the discussion therefore we could not consider their input as they did not provide us with an opinion. Emma and I decided that we would video call tonight to ensure we have established a structure in order for us to begin working on drafting a script.

Below are the screenshots of the discussion we had:





















Emma and I video called each other after finding out each of the character descriptions for those involved in the love triangle, that were previously discussed on a post a few weeks ago, below is the screenshot of the post and the character descriptions themselves:



“Jane is kind of mousey, she’s not weak but shes not upfront. She gets described in the script as an elf like person”


“My character is called Rose and she knows that she is being cheated on by Harry Ladell’s character Edward with Lou Rowe’s character and resents him for it a lot and so has become quite anti men and anti commitment as she feels that men have only used her in the past. I think Harry’s character and mine are pretty much in a broken relationship that can’t and won’t be fixed. I’m not sure whether it is before or after the melodrama (I will check) but one of Harry’s character’s posh friends (Tom Barbers character) asks Rose out for a bet and Harry’s character Edward encourages it and goes along with it as he is so obnoxious and arrogant and is pretty much done with me by then and also he doesn’t think Rose will agree as he feels he has power over her still. But she is done with him and so agrees! Rose is head strong, bitter towards men, huge feminist, and loyal. She is a waitress in the club”


“I’m Edward. I’m in a relationship with the faithful but bitter Beth but I’m also seeing Lou because I have little regard for their commitments or their feelings.
Lou is named Jane Eyre because of the piece that we’re doing together. Also why I’m called Edward”


Now that we have character descriptions to work with, we began to structure the piece. We based the piece around the information we already knew; Beth and Harry are in a relationship however Harry is cheating on Beth with Lou.

Here is what we have come up with so far:

Lou’s character is drunk and knows Emma is best mates with Beth, she confides in Emma about what’s happening between her, Harry and Beth when she goes up to the bar to get a drink Emma tells Lou what she’s heard about the situation and Lou tells her her version of events are wrong and begins to tell Emma what is actually happening from her side Emma defends Beth and Lou disagrees and they both end up coming to the conclusion that Harry is in the wrong after a long discussion at the bar.

Emma has an idea about a book she’s writing and wishes to include the ‘love triangle’ situation as the main plot for the novel. Emma knows Daytona so she tells Daytona her idea and says that she got inspiration from Lou, Beth and Harry’s situation, intoxicated, Daytona gets James and Leah to act out the love triangle because they are all drunk. Lou sees what is going on an asks what we’re doing and shouts explaining that that’s not what she told Emma, Everyone is very drunk at this point, especially Lou as she would never confront somebody usually as she is not very upfront.

We decided that a way around the issue of Lou ending up taking the mickey out of herself was to take on board Beth’s idea and have her confront us, Emma and I decided to set this up by having a scene before the spoof where Lou is at the bar getting a drink and talking to Emma about her situation that she is in, we figured if Lou was drunk she would be more upfront than she would if she was sober. Which led us to change her character description to, “Jane is kind of mousey, she’s not weak but shes not upfront, unless she’s had something to drink. She gets described in the script as an elf like person”

Where the 7 deadly sins / Virtues fit in:

We also thought about how the 7 deadly sins/virtues would coincide with this and decided on the following: – TBC = To Be Confirmed

Scenes involve: – Wrath, lust, envy, humility, pride and greed

Emma (Maddie): represents kindness, because she is listening to Beth and Lou’s situation and is trying to help out, but is also Greed because she is being ‘two-faced’ when telling myself about the situation.

Beth (Rose): represents pride because her pride is ‘damaged’ when Harry cheats on her and envy as she is envious of the connection Lou and Harry have that she once had and it remind her of how close herself and Harry used to be

Lou (Jane): represents wrath as she becomes increasingly angry at the situation and being told she is the one in the wrong and she is envious because Harry is still married to Beth and refuses to leave her over their affair.

Harry (Edward): represents lust as he secretly wants both women however likes to have a ‘bit on the side’ and greed because he wants to have both women at the same time.

Daytona (Caroline): TBC

Leah (Jill): TBC

James (IRA Man (Needs name for the purpose of this piece)): TBC


Overall, now that we have a drafted structure, we have asked to meet with the rest of the group to discuss our ideas tomorrow morning during our commission session. Prior to this, Emma and I are going to have a meeting about writing the script and anything we may need to include in the structure. I am pleased with the progress made today and aim to have a final draft script by Thursday 27th April so that we can hand it over to be analysed by Lynn on Friday and be ready to start rehearsing and blocking by Monday 1st May. At this stage I am feeling like we are slightly behind due to a rocky and confusing start but hopefully now we have regained control and have everything back on track. Hopefully, Leah and James will begin to get involved in the decision making for this process,







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