17th April 2017 – Set Discussion

As we have broken up for the easter holidays, our main way of communicating with each other is via the Saints and Sinners facebook page the group have created.

On Tuesday 17th April, Alex Ray posted Leah Sander’s idea of the set design…


We had our discussion in the Facebook comments section underneath the post.

They are as follows:

Overall I really like the set design, as I said in the comments, it doesn’t appear to be too cluttered and I like the idea of St. Jimmy’s office mimicking the idea of a conventional American nightclub. I also like the idea of St. Jimmy watching down on everybody. However, Lou raised the point that it is unnecessary although I disagree as I believe it represents a lot and adds to the context of the performance itself and shows his status by being placed higher up. Helena then drew it to our attention that there might not be enough floor space for the dancers. Upon being told this, I began to question why there was a lower a higher stage as it takes up a lot of space that could be used instead.

Upon researching the layout of a cabaret club, I noticed that there wasn’t two stages therefore I don’t feel that the higher stage in necessary at all. We could possibly have steps in the middle of the lower stage to use. Which would work especially well for numbers such as ‘Bring On the Men’ and still leave enough ground floor space for the dancers to be able to use without taking away St. Jimmy’s office as I like the status it creates. I think the idea of having tables as part of the audience seating will really help to create the ‘typical’ look of a Cabaret club. We could also use the curtains in the theatre with different coloured spotlights shining on the black curtains to create the effect of the beginning of a cabaret show.

Below is a picture of what I have based my research on:

Related image



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