Bring On The Men – Research

Jekyll and Hyde:

Jekyll and Hyde the musical that is based on the novel ‘The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ by Robert Louis Stevenson and is set to a pop rock score by Frank Wildhorn. Jekyll and Hyde the musical was published in 1990 however it’s broadway musical debut wasn’t until 1977. The story explores the themes of morality, as the main character Dr. Jekyll attempts to cure his ailing father’s mental illness by separating “good” from “evil” in the human personality. However Jekyll ends up creating an alternate personality of pure evil (Mr Hyde) who goes on a murderous streak across London.

The musical follows the journey of Dr Jekyll as he tries to find a cure to get rid of the demon he created in his mind before Hyde takes control over him fully. Meanwhile, Jekyll’s fiancée Emma grows increasingly worried for his welfare as she notices the strange changes to his behaviour. But both Dr Jekyll and his alter ego, Hyde, become dangerously involved with a young prostitute, Lucy, who works in ‘The Dregs’, which later leads to her death as an extremely jealous Edward Hyde resents Lucy’s love for Dr Jekyll and brutally murders her. The musical ends with the downfall of both Dr Jekyll and Mr Edward Hyde.

Bring On The Men – Jekyll and Hyde:

When researching the song ‘Bring on the men’ from Jekyll and Hyde the musical, I looked at several different versions/covers of the song to get an idea of how it is performed. I wanted to do this as I have very little prior knowledge of this musical, I felt that looking at how other companies have staged the number, it would give me a better idea of what ours would look like once finished, it would also enable me to take part in discussions about staging the number as I will know what it is about and what happens in it.

Video 1:

In my personal opinion, I feel that this version was the better version out of the others and was most similar to the setting we desire to have, as it is set in a club and you can clearly see there are “customers” at the tables – I love the way this has been staged however I felt that the actress who plays the character of Lucy coming down on a seat from the ceiling was a little too dramatic. Nevertheless it showed a clear status amongst the prostitutes and who was the ‘main’ prostitute. I liked the idea of the other girls flirting with the men at the tables and Lucy centre stage, however this wouldn’t be possible to do in our piece as we have 3 ‘main’ characters (Beth, Sian and Emma) who are singing, unless when it was each of the characters turn to sing, they took centre stage and then joined the other girls in the number when their part has finished. The movement in this performance was minimal until the chorus and raunchy dance break in the middle. I really liked the dance break as it made the piece seem like it was actually being performed in a club as an actual number, as well as being one in it’s own right. I also thought that the costumes fit with the nature of the piece really well and were appropriate for the style of performance delivered. The overall video reminded me a little of Moulin Rouge. I thought that it would be a nice idea to include a cancan dance in the piece as it is a cabaret style act where we would use the song ‘Fatboy Slim – Because we can’ However I understand that this would only add to the length of the performance and would also be too much extra to choreograph in such a short amount of time.

Video 2:

Initially I wasn’t too sure about what I thought of this performance. I didn’t totally understand what the string were for or why they were there, after watching the video back again, I figured that they might be something to do with the idea of ‘no strings attached’ and that Dr Hyde and Dr Jekyll did become attached which is why they are attached to the chairs where the men are maybe? Or perhaps they are creating a web with the idea that they are ‘trapping’ the men? However that is only my interpretation. I like the minimal movement and felt that the occasional ‘sexy’ dancing was really fitting for the piece, as were the burlesque style costumes. Much like the first video, the main character was centre stage with the other prostitutes interacting with the men in the club. Which leads me to believe that it would be a good idea to have each of the waitress’ centre stage when it is their turn to sing. I’m not sure I am keen on the staging with the strings, however I feel that the vocals in this are better than that of the first video I spoke about.

Video 3:

This version is in Hebrew. Despite this I love the staging and interaction between the prostitutes and the men, I also really like the movement in the piece as the style fits well with the theme of the piece and the club. I feel that as the movement isn’t too explicit and we may be able to lift and adapt some of the steps in the dancing and add them into our own piece. I feel that some of the costumes are a little too ball gown like and could be a little more ‘raunchy’. I also like the idea that the one character isn’t always at the centre of the performance and it really fits well overall with the theme of the cabaret club that we have chosen.


There was a time
I don’t know when
I didn’t have much time for men
But this is now and that was then, I’m learning

A girl alone, all on her own
Must try to have a heart of stone
So I try not to make it known my yearning
I try to show I have no need
I really do, I don’t succeed

So lets bring on the men
And let the fun begin
A little touch of sin
Why wait another minute

Step this way it’s time for us to play
They say we may not pass this way again
So let’s waste no more time
Bring on the men

I always knew, I always said
A silk and lace in black and red
Will drive a man right off his head, it’s easy

So many men, so little time
I want them all, is that a crime, no
I don’t know why they say that I’m too easy
They make me laugh, they make me cry
They make me sick, so God knows why

We say bring on the men
And let the fun begin
A little touch of sin
Why wait another minute

Step this way it’s time for us to play
They say we may not pass this way again
So let’s waste no more time
Bring on the men

They break your heart
They steal your soul
Take you apart
And yet they somehow make you whole

So what’s their game
I suppose a rose by any other name
The perfume and the pricks the same

I like to have a man for breakfast each day
I’m very social and I like it that way
By late mid-morning I need something to munch
So I ask over 2 men for lunch

And men are mad about my afternoon tea’s
They’re quite informal I just do it to please
Those triple sandwiches are my favorite ones
I’m also very, partial to buns

My healthy appetite gets strongest at night
My at home dinners are my men friends delight
When I invite the fellas over to dine
They all come early, in bed by nine!

So let’s bring on the men
And let the fun begin
A little touch of sin
Why wait another minute

Step this way it’s time for us to play
They say we may not pass this way again
So let’s waste no more time
Bring on the men!

Big men, small men, short men, tall men
I guess that means almost all men
I’m a player, as long as they are men, men, men!

* I need to find out the cut version and delegated sections of the song that we are using in our performance


For the purpose of rehearsing, I have found a version for us to practice to and also an instrumental of the song. I’m not sure this should be used as the actual performance piece song, however it would be an idea to ask the musical director, Paul to create a backing track for us or myself, Jess Last or Tom Barber to record the piano accompaniment to use.




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