Wednesday 29th March 2017 – Final Drafted Structure

This morning, Lynn posted up the final drafted structure for the performance via our Conservatoire’s Facebook page. She then printed out and gave us each a copy for our own personal use.

Following the presentation idea proposals and our own emailed ideas, Lynn had a lot of material to rearrange and structure into a performance. At first I was extremely apprehensive about what would be included in our show and whether or not it would all link to the theme and create a clear narrative for us to structure our pieces to. Below is a picture of the original lay out.


running order 2

running order 1

At first I wasn’t too sure about whether or not I was happy with the acts that were chosen. Personally I feel as though I don’t necessarily have much to do in the show compared to other peers also working on the project, I am involved in ‘Talking to terrorists’ where I have a monologue, A part in the melodrama and bring on the men/finale. I don’t feel as though I will be massively pushed in this project however it will be interesting to see what comes of my idea to use the seven heavenly virtues and the seven deadly sins and what acts were used to pull the show together. Although not all of the scripting is finished, I feel that there is a strong narrative for the show and the acts all link to the theme nicely. I am excited to see what the next few weeks hold and feel that the casting is correct for each of the pieces, although it would have been nice to have a little more to do, it is important to focus on maintaining a high standard of performance for the pieces I am in rather than dwell on what I do not have. I also plan to get as involved as much as possible in the production side of the project with offering my ideas for logo’s, marketing etc to give myself a little more to do.

Following the reveal of the structure some of the year 2’s held a discussion on their concerns and thoughts about the performance, below is the video of the discussion:

Having watched the videos myself, I completely understand the concerns addressed about the melodrama. Personally I found that this did seem very random and just ‘shoved in to give people more to do’ – I love the idea of the melodrama as a whole and I feel making this more of a spoof adds to the naturalistic nature of the piece without it seeming too staged and unfitting. However, I do not agree with isolating the waitress’ and having them ‘pull the focus in’. Personally I feel that the waitress’ have a lot to do and I do not agree with them being the catalyst to pull each act to the audience’s attention. Each piece should be bold enough to grab it’s own attention, we do not need to make this project primarily about the waitress’ and Saint Jimmy. We are to be given equal opportunities, which leads me on to discuss the idea of cutting my scene where I establish a fear between James and I, by saying that this is ‘unnecessary’ I was slightly annoyed, I feel that this is very necessary because it pulls the focus in on James and I’s piece and clears confusion as to what the monologues are about! I love the idea of the ‘Boss’ office’ higher up to mimic an American nightclub, however this really does need to be discussed with the technicians to make sure it is possible. On the whole I mostly agree with the structural changes to the performance that have been raised. I feel that once scripting is well under way we will able to have much more to work on, however for now we have a solid running order to use as a base to begin building on.

Here are pictures of the annotated and amended script:




In the afternoon, the group fed back to the MT’s and the rest of the acting group what was discussed in the video and it was agreed we would change where ‘posh’ came in the structure and spoofing the love triangle between Harry, Lou and Beth. (I will spoof Harry, James will spoof Beth and Leah will spoof Lou) Next we discussed the final song ‘Rebel – Alyssa Bonagura’ we decided to use create our own band a arrange the music for this ourselves, the band consists of:

Tom – Guitar

Scott – Guitar

Daytona – Cello and Violin

Beth – Viola

Jess – Piano

Sian – Guitar

Next Sophia shared a video of Lynn’s discussion with the techie’s and MT’s from this morning which covered where we are so far in the project. Below is the video:


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