First drafted structure of the Performance by Lynn – 27th March 2017

Today’s commission session saw the second years meet with Lynn to await the structure of the performance and to discover which roles people had been cast. Lynn explained to us the rough outline of the structure she had pieced together so far. At this stage, Lynn hasn’t worked out an entire structure for the show however, she had begun linking ideas together (from our presentation proposals) that she thought could work well in the final performance. It also emerged that she had created a woolly narrative to fit alongside the ideas that had been used. Lynn also explained that no idea was wasted, even if they didn’t make it into the final structure, they all played a part in influencing the decision to use the ideas that had been chosen. Finally, Lynn filled in any blanks using the emails we had previously sent to her and her own/other suggestions that she had received during the process.

Below is the structure that has been worked out so far:

  • The audience enter the theatre
  • There are some on stage tables with seats free for the cast members to sit at (To make the audience feel as though they’re involved and actually customers in the club)
  • 2 (Indefinite number) well spoken bouncers are at the doors and 2 (indefinite number) waitress’ are on stage and are backing singers for Saint Jimmy’s song
  • The owner of the nightclub welcomes everyone and he sings the Saint Jimmy song (Jack)
  • A spotlight is then put on various different tables and stories of the ‘customers’ are “overheard” (Influenced by the restaurant improvisation game)
  • To women are sat together when an ex of one of the women come over to them and a row breaks out, a domestic abuse dance is then performed to ‘angels and demons’ (Sung by Jess, with Faye and Zoe as backing dancers)
  • One of the women from the couple are left in a state – crying. This is where Sophia rescues her and sings ‘Nothing’s going to harm you – Sweeney Todd)
  • Jimmy intervenes and talks the injured girl through the path of morality
  • He introduces the first act on the stage (Bring on the Men, Emma will take solo with chorus girls joining)
  • Posh boys (Scott) takes a fancy to Jess (one of the dancers) but she rejected him
  • Daytona and James talking to terrorists (one man terrorists is another mans freedom fighters) no innocent people
  • Next act on stage (swan lake ballet solo – vicky)
  • Jimmy challenges someone to find someone with more virtues than vices (Leah performs a piece about a man she interviewed who was but how boring he was)
  • Waitresses – song called ‘I want to be seduced’ – (Sian)
  • Woman comments it’s no good waiting round for life to happen (Charlie’s angels dance)
  • Table of posh blokes (extract from play ‘posh’) – national trust taking their massive properties explores envy, resentment, grief (Scott, Harry etc)

Other Ideas for pieces that are to be included in the rest of the structure:

  • Hellfire song – (Sung by Scott with Jess dancing)
  • Jayne Eyre – (Lou and Harry)
  • St Joan monologue (Hannah)
  • Facade (All) – End of act number
  • Entertaining Mr Sloane monologue – (Josh?)
  • Shopping and Fucking scene – (Sian and Hannah)
  • Queen Catherine monologue – (Beth E)
  • I want to be evil – (Chloe)
  • Come to the party – Dogfight song – (Beth E and Tom)

So far, I am happy with the proposed structure. I can start to see how everything is fitting together and how a vague narrative is beginning to come through. Personally, I feel happier now that we are able to start working on pieces as we know what we’re doing and I was getting slightly worried that we only had a short time frame and weren’t able to start any of the performance side of the project yet. On the whole, I am pleased with my roles so far, I feel they play on my strengths yet still have a sense of challenge about them. I am excited to start the performance element of the show now that things have been put into perspective for us.


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  1. Your blogs have got good detail – please please get the relevant bits into the right menu categories. Don’t panic if it looks tricky – WordPress has changed how it works but come to the office and find out!


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