Developing logo and blurb ideas – 22nd March 2017


In today’s commission lesson with Helena, we were separated out into groups. The first group was for people who hadn’t finished off their Project Proposal and needed more time to do so. The second group was instructed to look into making a logo and blurb for the programme and advertisement for the performance. The third group carried on looking into the structure of the performance and developing the ideas that had already been proposed.

I was in the Logo and blurb group with Jack, Lou and Hannah. We all decided to go into EO.29 (Computer room) and research images to do with the theme of ‘Saints and Sinners’ – Initially I wanted to create a logo that was for the nightclub sign, where the sign was a signpost that pointed upwards (towards heaven) for the saints compartment of the nightclub and downwards (towards hell) for the sinners underground compartment of the nightclub, however realised that this would be impractical as in the performance, all of the saints and sinners would be in one nightclub together. Therefore I changed my idea up a little and decided to stick to a simple logo that represented the initial theme. I ended up drawing my design to overcome the issue that I could not work out how to use the photoshop programme. Below is a picture of my original design. I then asked Production Arts student,  Leah to recreate the design on photoshop and here is what she came up with:

saints.jpg poo.jpg

Although there are a few changed to my design, I actually prefer the photoshopped version as it looks a lot cleaner and more symmetrical than the original drawing itself. I am pleased that the main feature of the design has been kept in – I feel the sword is vital as it shows that there is a ‘clean split’ between good and bad, with the angel wing on the left hand side and the devil wing on the right hand side. However, I do wish that the backwards S’s were kept as the normal S represented the saints as it is the traditional copy of the letter and the backwards S represented the side of the sinners as it shows the corruptness of the ‘bad’ side. However overall I am fairly pleased with the outcome.

Here is the feedback I received on our Facebook page ‘Saints and Sinners’:

Jessica Last so do i 🙂 x
Daytona Florian Thanks Leah! Looks really good! 
Lou Rowe I’m not sure about the sword though
Daytona Florian We could use Jack’s idea with the cocktail in the middle instead
Zoe Mills Looks abit like a condom…
Lou Rowe Could we not have it as a cocktail?
Zoe Mills The cocktail instead sounds like a good idea
Chloe Gilbert i second this, a cocktail would be nice
Zoe Mills I love the wings!!
Zoe MillsAlso you could try maybe with just the halo? But bring it down abit

Other Designs:

Since the task of the logo designs had been set, many others got involved with designing a logo and posted their suggestions on our Facebook page ‘Saints and Sinners’

Jack Taylor-Balls:


Here is the feedback from Jack’s idea that was posted on Facebook:

Vicky Wilson I really like it!!
Leah Smith That’s really cool!
Harry Ladell That’s nice, what made you go for gender symbols?
Jack Taylor-Balls Thought it suited the club style atmosphere and aura. But tbh it works without it as well
Lucy Peacefull Leah Sanders what do you think for the program ?
Hannah Schofield I think this or a version of this is a great logo for your nightclub!! well done Jack – maybe needs workshopping in the group??
Lynn WhiteheadI like the horns & halo but I’m not sure why the gender ‘tails’ are relevant. I think I’d prefer it without those.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Personally, I really like the design however I agree with Lynn that the gender tails are not really needed and I am unsure as to why they are there. However, I love the cocktail glass as I feel it really captures the nightclub theme and the overall logo is simplistic yet effective as it represents the ideas of ‘good and bad’ clearly with the halo and outline of the devils head.
Below is the photo shopped version of the logo:
jack 2.jpg
I prefer this design as the gender tails have been cut off and the design left represents everything we aim to share with the audience and what our piece is really about, I feel that the simplistic colouring suits the design also as it doesn’t look too messy. Here is the feedback that was posted on the facebook page for this design:
Harry Ladell My favourite! Sweet and simple and sticks in your memory. Also versatile, as opposed to the fire background counterpart it can be slapped just about anywhere and be recognised.
Harry Ladell I feel like the letters and the words take up too much space
Leah Smith I really like this one. It seems less busy than the others
Jack also came up with more design suggestions:
jack 3 jack 4
Personally, I like the photoshopped version of this logo better than the original due to the fitting colours of the design with a white S representing good and a red S representing bad – similar to my design with the two S’s. I also love the little horns, tail, halo and wing, I feel these add to representing the idea of good and evil, implying a devil and an angel, I also like the way the two S’s are linked together, for me, I feel that this shows that good and bad sometimes go hand in hand.
I also like the other two designs however I feel they are not too dissimilar to the first.
Here is the feedback for this design:
Lou RoweThis is my personal favourite
Sian DavisThis is my personal fave too
Chloe GilbertThis is my favourite
Scott TruinYep this one 😊

Emma’s Idea: 

emma 1 emma 3
This design is probably my favourite design as it captures the idea of the Nightclub theme of the neon lights in the style that is shown in the second picture, I also like the idea that of the H being in the middle as it could represent Heaven or Hell or tie in with the idea that the nightclub is in purgatory.
Below is the feedback for this design:
Zoe MillsThis ones got to be my fave!
Emma CroftThis one is my favourite
Beth Amery Poppy EasdownThis is my fav too 😊
Zoe MillsIts simple but effective. I like the H for either heaven or hell… Emma Croft
Daytona FlorianThis one is my favourite, I also like the H, it could represent either Heaven or Hell or tie in with the idea that the nightclub is in purgatory.
Below is the photoshopped design:
emma 4
I like this design as it is much more cleaned up and the font and the colouring gives us a better idea of what the logo would actually look like.


Hannah King’s idea:

hannah 1.jpg

Above is Hannah’s idea of what the logo should look like, I really like this idea, however the ‘saints and sinners’ text needs to be centred. I love the idea of a halo of fire, I feel it represents both good and bad in a simplistic way. I also love the idea of having ‘Sinner’s’ written in capitals as it makes the word seem more intimidating.
Here is the feedback Hannah received on our Facebook page for her logo design:
Hannah Schofield I like the halo of fire! Workshop it with Jack‘s logo!!
Lynn Whitehead I wonder if there’s a way to smoosh this idea with Jack’s ‘bar’ logo – can his logo be drawn in flames and dove feathers or something?

Lou Rowe’s Idea:

lour 1

On the whole, I’m not overly keen on this design, however I love the idea of the fire in the background, personally, I feel that fire should been included in our final logo as it represents the idea of bad and evil perfectly! However, I’m not too sure about the saint in the middle, I feel it is a little unnecessary and takes up a lot of space, not forgetting to mention that the audience may think that the performance is based mainly on saints. On the back of that, I like the potential meaning of a saint burning in the fire for their sins, I’m not sure if this was intentional, but it’s a nice idea and captures the theme relatively clearly, which after all is the aim.

Here is the feedback Lou received for the logo on our Facebook page:

 Beth Amery Poppy Easdown My only concern on the image is that this might give the impression that the piece is more based around saints and sinners in the traditional holy/religious sense due to the image of the monk etc? Just playing devils advocate and thinking from an outsiders view who knows nothing about the show?
Hannah SchofieldGreat first draft – maybe needs workshopping in the group with the logo that Jack’s drawn?
Combined Designs:
daytona jack
This design is a combination of Jack’s design (In the middle) and my design (The wings)
Personally I prefer the combined version to the originals as I feel it captures the Nightclub theme with the cocktail glass and the idea of good and evil, also the overall shape looks like a butterfly – I looked up what a butterfly symbolises and it usually represents endurance, change, hope and life – which are all themes we want to portray in the overall performance.
Butterflies 2015 Avaliable at: (Accessed 25th March 2017)
jack lou
This design is a combination of Jack, Lou and Hannah’s designs. Personally, I don’t think this would work well as a nightclub logo and it takes up a lot of space and wouldn’t be able to made into a sign, however, I feel it would work really well as a background for a poster for advertisement of the performance, or maybe even a logo for the programmes handed out on the night of the show.

Blurb Ideas:

For the second task we were set in the lesson, we were asked to start looking into structuring a blurb for the performance, here is what I came up with.

Whether you’re a sinner or a saint, Saint Jimmy’s nightclub will determine your feit. Step inside and see what is instore, we don’t want to leave you behind at the door. Who knows what will happen by the end of the night, so sit back, enjoy and hold on tight!

The Year 2 performing and production arts students have come together to present to you their final assessment based on the theme of ‘Saints and Sinners’ – A show you’ll never forget.

– I wanted the blurb to rhyme as I felt that it sounded more like a riddle and added to the mysterious nature of the performance, I feel that the words are not too threatening or sinister and give and equally imply that the piece could be about Saints and Sinners not just one or the other.

Lou’s Blurb:

“If every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future, what happens when they all get drunk in the club at the end of the road? The year two Production and Performing Arts have come together, to tell the tales of the holy virtues and deadly sins. Saints and Sinners is an open club, the bar is always open, and all are welcome”

Personally I feel that the blurb shows exactly what we need to say in the performance and gives a good idea inclination of what the performance is about and based on. However I don’t like the idea of having two ‘Opens’ In the sentence, which is something Sian Davis also picked out on when writing feedback for Lou.

Below is the feedback Lou received on our Facebook page ‘Saints and Sinners’:

Sian Davis The only thing I would say is having the word ‘open’ twice in a row seems a little odd!! Might just be me rhough
Lou Rowe Ah I see what you mean!
Daytona Florian Saint’s and Sinners welcomes everyone into it’s open club with drinks flowing at the bar all night long, step inside if you dare” …?
Lou Rowe I just think that’s a bit too sinister to be honest

Beth’s Blurb:

“Welcome to ‘Saint Jimmy’s’, the club at the end of the road where anything goes; where every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. But who knows what will happen by the end of the night, will they leave the same people they came in?
The second year Performing and Production Arts students have all worked together for their final assessment show to bring you a night in that notorious venue, based on ‘Saints & Sinners’.”

-Beth’s potential blurb idea is my personal favourite so far, I think that it captures everything the show is about and what the theme is, it also leaves the audience intrigued when she says ‘Will they leave the same people they came in?’ I feel this makes the piece seem more exciting and is a great way to grab people’s attention to get them to come and watch the show.

Below is the feedback Beth received on our Facebook Page:

Sian Davis Love this!! Definitely
Overall, I feel that this task was extremely useful as it help us to kickstart the production side of the performance. This is extremely important as we can use the blurb and logo to put on posters for marketing – which is something we need to have sorted and displayed as quickly as possible in order to sell as many tickets as possible for the show. The longer we leave marketing the show, the less tickets we will end up selling. Personally, I like Emma’s logo design best as I feel it represents the theme very well, yet still being very simplistic, however I have noticed that Jack’s logo is more popular amongst my peers, but I disagree as I believe Emma’s design has a more underlying meaning to it. My favourite blurb idea is Beth’s as I think it has been written extremely well and tells the audience everything they need to know, but is worded so that some of the piece is open to personal interpretation and doesn’t give too much of the plot away, thus intriguing the audience and making them curious to find out what the performance is about.
The other group had a discussion whilst we were created blurbs and logos. Below is a video of what they decided. Overall I agree that the club should be a cabaret club in order to explain the pieces that are performed in the show, however I don’t think it would need to be set in a time period, otherwise we would face issues such as all of the pieces would need to be set in the same era, we’d possibly have to use different language, which means re-writing original scripts. We’d also have to have costumes from the same era – which are all things that would appear to be a lot of hassle in a short space of time and unnecessary.

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