Sorting through ideas – ‘Post it note board’ – Thursday 23rd March 2017

In today’s session with Lynn, we looked into how far we had actually got in terms of a structure and what we needed to do, in order to establish what we were going to put into the show as a whole. To begin with, Lynn separated the room into two groups and gave us both the sheet of notes she had written during our presentation proposals. On the sheet, she explained what each idea was and what it included. The first group looked at the first half of the sheet and the second group looked at the bottom half of the sheet of ideas. My group looked at the top half – Lynn asked us to write down each idea that was listen on separate ‘post it notes’ in order to be able to see which ideas we which clearly. each member of the group write 6-9 ideas down in order to speed the process up. We then placed all of the ‘post it notes’ on the whiteboard and began sorting them into categories – song, dance and acting pieces. We also eliminated any ideas that we thought were not suitable, usable, adaptable, non overdone or too vague.

Below is a picture of the board of categorised ideas:


After the acting class had sorted through the ideas, the MT class also played around with suggestions and possible ideas that they had. They also colour coded the notes to indicate whether they were pieces that were songs, dances or drama scenes. They also marked out which idea related to which Sin and Virtue. I feel that this was a good idea as it is made clear what idea goes where and how it fits into the story – it is also important to fully explain the process, so that other company members can understand what has been happening and be apart of the discussion even though we are on separate pathways.

Below is a picture of the final colour coded board:


Overall, I felt that this was extremely helpful in seeing where we were at and how far we needed to go. This session made me realise that though we are not behind, we hadn’t made a big enough effort to run through the ideas that had been proposed as a group – we had mainly worked individually on the ideas we liked best, but hadn’t had an in-depth conversation about what we wanted to include in our performance. I feel that the MT’s colour coded system is extremely helpful as at times I was lost when it came understanding which idea was in what category and how it linked to the show. Moreover, although I was able to contribute to the sorting of the ideas, I found Beth (and at times Jack and Lou) took control of the task and applied their thought process without everyone else understanding why they were placing ideas in the categories that they were.


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