Structuring our Final Major Project – 20th March 2017

In today’s commission session, we revisited the initial proposed ideas from the presentation session on 16th March. We were asked to sieve through the ideas and decide which idea linked to which sin or virtue ready to give to Lynn so that she can structure a show from our findings.

I began by creating a mind map of my ideas and what I thought fit where. Below is a picture of my mind map:


I plan to add to this mind map as more and more idea’s develop along the devising process.

My Idea’s:

I first began the task by revising through the notes I took in the presentation session. I then created a mind map, labelling the sin and virtue pairings before dispersing out each idea under each category. Here is a list of my idea’s:

PATIENCE & WRATH (ANGER) – For this category I felt that a collaboration of Tom’s song idea ‘Now you know’ and Josh’s dance about domestic abuse best fit this category. I thought that the storyline could involve a girl who is emotionally abusing her boyfriend and lashing out at him – which is what the dance would be about. This is then where Tom’s song is sung after the boy leaves his girlfriend. As the song is about getting over a divorce and all of his friends helping him out, I felt this linked in with Josh’s storyline very nicely and gives a good representation between patience and wrath as it shows the girl’s anger and the boy’s patience with her throughout the relationship. The second idea that I had which I thought would fit perfectly with the sin ‘wrath’ is Emma and Leah’s idea involving the song ‘Hellfire’ – The main theme of the song is loss of power. When researching how people act when the lose power and control, they tend to lash out as they don’t want to feel and appear vulnerable. I felt that the song itself could be sung by the girl in the previous relationship about how much she loves her boyfriend but keeps doing all of these crazy things. Zoe’s ‘The Purge’ idea fits the pairing of ‘Wrath and Patience’ as we could have the purge siren go off at the end of act 1 and we could return for act 2 with Jack’s idea of the song ‘Totally fucked – Spring Awakening’ this is where wrath takes place as the nightclub could go on lockdown and everything in the club is made legal, this is where people become wrath in the crimes the commit or patient with the goings on, then the Charlie’s Angels come in and become detectives after the purge has stopped, which would also represent patience whilst the ‘Midsomer Murder’s style’ investigation takes place.

HUMILITY & PRIDE – Having revised the idea’s from the presentations, the only idea I could see fit for this category would be Lou’s idea involving the Melodrama as usually, there is a tale of one very prideful brother and one very humble brother. I also though that this number would be good to use to close the first act of the show as we could leave the audience on a cliffhanger – which would interest them in coming back to watch the rest of the show after the interval is over.

DILIGENCE & SLOTH – For this pairing, I decided that Tom’s ‘Newsies’ song idea fit best. The song is about a young paper boy who’s enthusiasm is not matched by the other paper boys, and he is always trying to motivate them to work. In this scene, the ‘other’ paper boys would be representing ‘sloth’ as they are lazy and the main paper boy would represent diligence as he has a strong work ethic and never gives up. Faye’s idea about ‘Charlie’s Angels’ dance fits this category as the ‘detective girls’ represent diligence as they solve people’s issues.

LUST & CHASTITY – I decided that the best ideas to fit this pairing would be Chloe’s idea of a Romeo and Juliet dance where Romeo is a demon and Juliet is angel, they then fall in love but cannot be together as Juliet says she cannot be with somebody who isn’t too an angel. In this situation, Romeo would represent lust because of his persistence and Juliet would represent chastity because of her withdrawal. Another idea I had regarding the Lust/ Chastity pairing is Josh’s idea of the domestic abuse dance again, I feel this idea would be very fitting as the girl would represent lust and the boy who would be the victim would represent chastity.

ABSTINENCE & GLUTTONY- When searching through the presentation ideas I decided that the best idea to represent ‘abstinence’ and ‘gluttony’ would be Josh’s idea of the pop up scenes about drug abuse. I felt that this fit the Abstinence and Gluttony as the scenes could show that if you are strong enough to choose not to take the drug then you are being abstinent or, somebody that is getting over a drug addiction who is willing to change their life for the better. On the back of that, we could then perform a scene where people continue to take the drugs and we see a progression of their lives falling apart, therefore they are representing gluttony.

KINDNESS & ENVY – For kindness and envy, I found Leah Smith’s idea of ‘The school of good and evil’ to fit this category best as it shows the difference between two characters, Agnes (Kindness) and Agatha (Envy) and what can happen if you are envious or kind to one another. In the end, Agatha is sent to the school of good because and Agnes is sent to the school of evil – I feel portrays the message that it’s what is on the inside that counts, you may look sweet and innocent on the outside but you may have a heart of stone and vice versa. I also found Hannah Kings idea about ‘Bad girls’ to fit this category also as they could have 2 girls with a toxic relationship as one is envious of the other. Josh’s domestic abuse idea also fits this category as explained before under ‘Lust and Chastity’

CHARITY & GREED – Are you washed in the blood of a lamb? Sian’s idea to use this Hymn fits Charity and Greed best because the lyrics talk of sin of greed “Lay aside the garments that are stained with sin” – This could mean that a killing took place out of greed which would fit well with my idea involving ‘Midsomer Murders’ as the within the Nightclub there could be a murder mystery. Lou’s Melodrama idea also fits this pairing as it shows a young lad who represents charity and his evil brother wh0 is willing to kill him because he wants the inheritance, hence why he represents greed.

Overall, I found this task extremely useful as we could all put forward our ideas on what we think the context of the show should be. It was useful to see what idea’s fit under what category and begin to look at what doesn’t fit together well and what would be inappropriate to use in the show itself. From this task, I now have a clearer idea of what the show structure looks like and who’s idea’s fit together well and with the theme.





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