Basic Frame of the performance – 17th March 2017

Below is the link to the basic framework for the performance and what has been decided so far from the ideas that have been presented:

Click here to see the basic framework for the Saints and Sinners show

Overall, I am enthralled by the outcome of the decision for the frame of the piece. I am happy that my Sins/Virtues pairings idea has been used as the main theme alongside ‘Saints and Sinners’ as I feel it fits the theme we were given perfectly. I am also enthused that Scott’s nightclub idea was used as I feel it is a very different setting to what I imagined our performance to be in, however, I love the idea that the nightclub is in fact ‘purgatory’ – which links to the whole idea of heaven and hell, which personally I think is very clever. Overall I am happy with the decisions made and like the finale where the saints could be corrupted..  This structure gives us ammunition to start working with and developing ideas as it is open to a variety of different interpretations. It will be exciting to see what the next 12 weeks will hold and what the final product will shape up to look like.


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