My Final Major Project Ideas…

Ahead of the presentation session we will be having on Thursday, I have prepared three ideas based around the theme ‘Saint’s and Sinners’ which could possibly be used to structure and put together a show for our Final Major Project. I have put these on a Powerpoint ready to show the other members of the year group on Thursday 16th March.

The Ideas… Idea 1 – The 7 Deadly Sins and the 7 Heavenly Virtues:

Initially, I didn’t know where to start so I started researching Saint’s and Sinners online. One of the first things I came across was the ‘7 heavenly virtues’ – I began researching each of the virtues and what they mean, when I came across this picture which I felt gave a short but simple explanation/ version of each virtue.

Image result for the 7 heavenly virtues

I also came across the ‘sin pairings’ for each of the virtues. They are as follows:

Chastity – Lust

Temperance – Gluttony

Charity – Greed

Diligence – Sloth

Patience – Wrath

Kindness – Envy

Humility – Pride

The next stage of developing my idea came from the year 1’s and Level 2’s commission show ‘Inspired By film’. I took inspiration from the ‘inside out’ sketch where anger, sadness etc… is portrayed as a person. I felt that we could apply this to each the virtue’s and Sins, thus meaning 14 people would play the characters for each of the virtues and sins and take on the traits someone would have if they were a greedy or patient person etc.. They would then be faced with a dilemma in which they learn about each other and understand each other’s perspectives and come to the conclusion that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future and what one person believes is good or bad might be completely different in somebody else’s opinion, which I think is an important message to portray, I would like this to be an acting piece with a possible cast of anyone on any pathway.

Idea 2 – Supernatural :

My idea is based on the ongoing and underlying storyline of ‘Supernatural’. I would like this to be a comedic parody much like ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ to lighten the mood as I figured a lot of the scenes would be of a serious nature.

The basic plot I wanted to follow was:

Heaven is infiltrated with demons taking over and pretending to be angels. God has enough and kicks everyone out of heaven then all angels and demons fall to earth and start taking over people. 1 of the demons realises what he is doing and turns from bad to good. Then the ‘good’ demon tries to convert all of the other demons, it is here where we see the clear battle between good and evil.

I would like this to be a large group piece, I haven’t thought much about casting this as I haven’t a clue who would suit which role, I would like this to be a Musical Theatre piece, where each of the characters burst out into a comedic song or dance.


Idea 3: Midsomer Murders:

My final idea came to me when watching an episode of ‘Midsomer Murders’ called ‘Saint’s and Sinner’s’ – In this episode, an archaeological dig takes place where they are digging up the bones of a saint and find that it leads to more that what they expected. I feel that this could work well as a small group piece if set as a murder mystery story. And I would like to involve the audience in the murder mystery as suspects and believe this would work best as an acting piece. Initially, I thought we could swap the saint and sinner roles around so the saint kills the sinner for a justifiable reason but realises that in doing so they have become a sinner themselves.

As an alternative, I feel the idea of a saint committing a sin could be performed as either a solo or a monologue compared to a whole group piece. Unfortunately I don’t feel this would be able to work as a small group piece as they’re isn’t enough people to portray each part.





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