15th March 2017 – Presentational Skills

In Lynn’s session, we recapped presentational skills and what it means to be able to present our idea’s clearly. We also briefly discussed what the context of our presentation should be and what we should include in our powerpoints.

Lynn’s ‘Top Tips’ include:

  • Remember who the audience is and don’t mock the task
  • If you need to move a slide on, get somebody to do it for you, or if that is not possible, finish speaking before turning your back and switching the slide to the next one. DO NOT TALK AND TURN AROUND AT THE SAME TIME AS WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO HEAR WHAT YOU’RE SAYING.
  • Don’t put everything you’re going to say on a slide, just bullet point the main idea’s and discuss them further during the presentation
  • Give the audience time to read what’s on the slide and don’t illustrate over the top.
  • Remember the presentation is an outline not the full proposal
  • Keep it to the point
  • Prepare! Don’t make it up as you’re going along
  • What you’re proposing and why, possible casting suggestions…
  • Don’t be afraid to smile at the audience
  • ‘KISS’ (Keep It Short and Simple)
  • Keep it clean on the screen – make sure what is on your powerpoint is neatly presented in an order the the audience can read

For the second part of the lesson, we each performed practice presentations in groups. (Video on it’s way to being put up) We were each separated out into groups. I was paired with Lou and Emma. Whilst Jack, Leah, James and Hannah were put into a group and Josh, Beth and Harry were put into another.

Lynn set us the task of making a pitch to the HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund) asking for £5,000 to enable us to put together a show based on ‘Heritage’. Our group came up with the idea of a ‘documentary’ style piece based on the true stories of a family who have 6 generations. We wanted the show to show how society has changed through each of the generations and use a projector as a projection of what our ideas of society for the youngest generation will be like in 20 years time – we would like to show this through 2 acting pieces, 2 songs and 1 dance.

To begin with, our group delegated out each area we would need to cover as we were quite tight for time. Emma looked at Costume, set and the venue, Lou presented the pitch and I discussed budget and expenses. (See video)

Here is a break down of what we thought we would need and how much it would cost:

  • Renting a projector – £200
  • Musical Director- £250
  • 1 singers – £250
  • 2 Actors – £500
  • 1 Dancers – £250
  • Set – £300
  • Venue (The Jubilee Centre – already has a stage and lights) – £800-£1000
  • Costumes -£50 (sourcing our own costumes primarily)
  • Marketing; flyers, posters, social media etc… – £250
  • Refreshments for the show – £100

TOTAL: £4,900


Overall I think we were given relatively good feedback. Below is a breakdown the feedback each of us were given by Lynn in order to make sure we were ready ahead of tomorrow’s presentation sharing.

Emma: Clear, avoid high pitched pushy introduction (Hi I’m Emma), looked interested and passionate about the subject

Lou: Clear voice, know what you’re talking about, end the presentation more roundedly, DO NOT FIDDLE WITH YOUR HAIR AND SKIRT , looked interested in whoever was talking and what they had to say

Daytona: Clear voiced, nice breakdown of the budget, well done for mentioning equal pay, nice eye contact, looked interested in whoever was talking and what they had to say



I felt that this group’s presentation about guided walks around Ickworth House and getting more people to visit more National Trust locations was a genius idea. They all seemed very enthused about the project and sold the idea to us very well. I found at times Josh was a little fiddly, however he presented very clearly. Beth was extremely good at presenting as the more she explained the idea, I found myself become more persuaded by what she was saying. Harry also presented his ideas in an orderly manner so that everything made sense and we knew what the purpose of their pitch was. I particularly like the way Beth drew the presentation to a close and rounded it off perfectly and Josh’s honesty about how he would like to learn more about the National Trust, by putting in his own personal opinion, it made us as an audience feel more inclined to listen and made the whole presentation more believable. The entire group all made eye contact with the audience and the whole presentation followed together seamlessly.


Leah, Hannah, Jack and James:

I found that during this group’s pitch, I couldn’t always follow what the theme was about. Jack opened the presentation extremely well and instantly caught our attention by his frequent use of body language (using his hands to gesture) Hannah also presented very clearly and made a lot of eye contact with the audience, but also smiled and opened up her eyes which put us as the audience a little more at ease. Although James presented his ideas well, he made very little eye contact with the audience and starred at Lynn the whole time he was speaking, however, did a great job at expanding on what Jack and Hannah were saying. On the contrary, I couldn’t understand what Leah was saying. I found she was a little unclear at times and the volume of her voice was fairly inconsistent, however the clear contributions she did make to the presentation were extremely useful and really drew me into their idea as a whole, which are all things we need to do when presenting our ideas to the year group tomorrow.

Overall, I think this lesson was extremely useful in preparing us for our presentations tomorrow. Personally, I am relieved that we got a ‘practice run’ in order to ensure our presentations could run as smoothly as possible. For tomorrow, I am going to make sure I apply all of the techniques I have learned today to improve on my presentation when pitching my ideas to the year group. The purpose of this was to have a practice at presenting our ideas in a concise manner, where the presentation is clear and to-the-point in order for the audience to understand what you’re talking about fully, which now after today’s session, I am confident that I will be able to fulfill.





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