Final Major Project (Day 1 – The Briefing)

Today in Erica’s lesson, all of the year 2’s gathered together to be given our final commission brief. It was explained to us that we can work with others in various different disciplines such as dance and singing to help develop and progress and our performance skills overall for when our time at Conservatoire East terminates. We were also told that due to the size of our year, it would not be possible to do 1 big combined show, a cafe theatre or a Jukebox musical.

At first, I was quite disappointed to hear we had a few restrictions (listed above) as I was hoping to be able to do a cafe theatre show as it would have been nice to end our time at Conservatoire East performing one big show together. However, I started to warm to the idea of the restrictions having been told by Erica that the process of last year’s FMP was fairly disastrous as they were quite unprepared and actually improvised a lot of the show during the final performances. This also meant that a lot of conflict was caused, which meant that working altogether as a year group would be out of the question this year. Also, I thought that although it won’t be one big collaboration amongst the year 2’s, there are still endless possibilities and opportunities for us to widen our skill set, therefore I am extremely excited for what this project may hold.

Having it been decided that we will structure the show in a variety acts style, I am quite nervous but excited about the ideas people will produce, currently I am at a stage where I am not entirely sure what idea’s I would like to present at all. I feel my next steps are to research into Saints and Sinners and familiarise myself with what is being asked of me. Overall I think without a doubt, the next 13 weeks will be a rollercoaster but I have every faith that the end result will be one to be proud of.


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