14th March – UAL level 3 Grading

In today’s session, we looked at the UAL level 3 grading system and what standard of work we must produce in order to achieve a pass, merit or distinction. I was quite pleased that we had the opportunity to do this as I didn’t actually understand the full extent of the content we needed to include in our work to ensure we achieved at least a merit, if not distinction.

To begin with, Josh, Jack, Harry and Beth offered their wordpress’ to be analysed by the rest of the class alongside the marking scheme we were given. Erica allocated one wordpress site to each person – I was given Beth’s. When looking at Beth’s work, I noticed several differences between the context and structure of her tasks compared to my own. Beth’s work was set out in a very orderly and concise way, she thoroughly explains what she did, why she did it, how she did it and often offers her opinions about the task. However, in my work I feel that I don’t quite go into enough detail about my opinions, I explain what the task was and how we did it, but I rarely fully describe how I felt about it and how the session could link with other projects such as, the Final Major Project, or if I do, it is fairly inconsistent.                                                                                  Overall, I would have graded Beth’s work at a distinction, which Harry (The other class member analysing Beth’s work) agreed with; due to the fact her content is extremely clear and she adds in extra information alongside linking everything she says together and suggesting ways the task could prepare us for our final unit.

Other members of the class analysed Josh, Jack and Harry’s wordpress’, of which they all received similar feedback on. The following is the feedback for each of the wordpress’ that were looked at.

Jack: – Clear explanations about the task, how you did it, why you did it and your thoughts on the task. You evaluate your work well, however this needs to be consistent, therefore we would put you at a merit borderline distinction grade.

Josh: – You write like you talk but explain the task very well, you often offer your opinions and evaluate yourself and other members of your group, however this is only on occasions, to improve you could go into more detail about your work and the other’s in the class, to achieve your desired distinction grade you must evaluate more. we would put you at a high merit level.

Harry: – Everything thoroughly explained and concise, you demonstrate your understanding of the task and evaluate yourself, to improve you need to evaluate other member’s of the class and yourself a little more, showing you understand what it means to reflect upon the task will boost your grade from a merit to a distinction instantly.

Overall, I think this session was extremely helpful. I feel I now have a greater understanding about what we must include in our work. Having been given the opportunity to look at somebody else’s wordpress, I am now able to pick my own apart and notice the area’s I need to improve on in order to achieve a distinction grade. I am going to write my work against the grading boundary in order to ensure I am meeting the requirements I need to, such as giving more detail about my opinion of the task, linking the tasks and suggesting ways the task may be helpful for the final major project, I also need to evaluate my own work as well as my peers consistently.





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