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Where does theatre come from? –

Theatre probably arose as a performance of ritual activities that did not require initiation on the part of the spectator. This similarity of early theatre to ritual is negatively attested by Aristotle, who in his Poetics defined theatre in contrast to the performances of sacred mysteries: theatre did not require the spectator to fast, drink the kykeon, or march in a procession; however theatre did resemble the sacred mysteries in the sense that it brought purification and healing to the spectator by means of a vision, the theama. The physical location of such performances was accordingly named theatron.

According to the historians Oscar Brockett and Franklin Hildy, rituals typically include elements that entertain or give pleasure, such as costumes and masks as well as skilled performers. As societies grew more complex, these spectacular elements began to be acted out under non-ritualistic conditions. As this occurred, the first steps towards theatre as an autonomous activity were being taken.

Here are a few articles I found based on the differences between acting for stage and acting for screen:


Here are the questions I am going to Email local actors who have experienced either or both types of acting:

  • For you, in terms of voice and movement, how does acting on stage differ from acting on screen?
  • Would you say the scripting for a piece performed on stage is different to a piece performed on a screen?
  • What would you say the differences in set are between a set for stage and a set for screen?
  • Is there a difference in the naturalism of your acting when you’re performing on screen rather than when performing on stage?
  • Which do you prefer? – acting on stage or acting on screen and why?






2 thoughts on “Essay Research….”

  1. Daytona,
    It is good to see a portion of the research you have carried out and the links to the other research. However, you cannot Pass this unit if you do not evaluate your research (criterion 2.2) by reflecting on how current it is, how relevant / useful to you for your essay it is, how trustworthy it is and by highlighting / pulling out useful information from it.
    You have not done this. You will have to do this.


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