Wednesday 18th January -T.I.E Workshop Discussion


Today the MT’s joined our class for the first half whilst Lynn told us about the sort of things we needed to include in our workshops.

She said it would be an idea to include/Consider the following things..

  • Is the workshop going to be before our after the show?
  • The workshop needs to be relevant to the show and help children enhance a further understanding of the theme of our piece (in our case that would be mathematical shapes)
  • In the workshop the children need a task to do on their own, then in pairs, then in larger groups and finally a whole group task
  • You may need the teacher to help divide the children into groups as they know who works well together and who doesn’t
  • Take a second to check the teacher is happy with the groups
  • Get them to make a big noise and then be quiet in order to gain their attention and be able to control them
  • What do we want the outcome to be?
  • Are we ticking the educational boxes?
  • Idea: Get all of the children to get into the shape of a square or circle etc….
  • Play with the performance aspect and keep in character during the workshop
  • Build up the tasks, don’t go in with the hardest one first
  • Make sure the workshop runs smoothly and their is no confusion otherwise you’ll lose the children’s attention
  • Be panto – Are we ready? ‘yes’ Are you sure? ‘yes’ etc…
  • Get the children involved

Over the next few weeks we will discuss and come up with a workshop structure that we are able to present.

Next we looked at the two Ronnies ‘Crossed Lines’ sketch and watched a video. Below is the video:

Next we looked at the ‘Mispronounciation sketch’ Below is the video for this:

Next we created our own wordplay sketches in groups, I was in a group with Josh and Hannah. We started by discussing the characters and came up with a boy and an old lady who was deaf in the museum. The boy is on a school trip and is talking to his mum and the old lady is visiting the museum but talking about organising a dinner party on the phone. Here is the script:

Boy: Hi mum

Old lady: Hello? Hello? Oh technology these days, oh that’s better are you okay?

boy: No, I’m not enjoying it, It’s just full of old and dusty bones, it’s like the walking dead in here

Old lady: What did you just say?

Overall, I found writing these wordplay scenes quite difficult as we had to think about what the characters would both say and how they would clash together to make it appear funny and that they were being rude to each other like in the two Ronnies sketch, the group I was with worked well together and we managed to complete the task that was set. For homework we have been asked to write our own wordplay scripts individually or in pairs, ready to show on Friday.


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