Samuel Beckett – 10th November

In Today’s lesson we looked at the playwright ‘Samuel Beckett’ and his play ‘Waiting for Godot’

Our Aims for this lesson were to:

  1. Identify plays on a timeline.
  2. Discuss Samuel Beckett as a Playwright
  3. Discuss ‘Waiting For Godot’
  4. Perform extracts of ‘Waiting For Godot’
  5. Evaluate each others performance

To kick start the lesson, we had to identify plays on a timeline and which play belonged to which playwright. I was partnered with Beth.


Next we read an extract and discussed ‘Waiting for Godot’

The play is a tragicomedy about 2 people who are waiting for godot to come. the context of the play involves a lot of small talk in order to fill the time that they have whilst they are waiting.

We were split into groups and given an extract from the play to perform. I was partnered with Lou and Jack. We were given a scene where they were sitting at a tree waiting for Godot to come. We staged out piece to have the tree stage right so that we could refer to it easily, we also placed ourselves at different levels to make the scene look more interesting. I played my character to be quite fed up as the characters are not quite sure if Godot will ever come. Lou played her character to be quite optimistic as did Jack, the difference in characters was noticible and their attitudes throughout the scene .

Some of the dialogue meant that we were excited in waiting for Godot however at the end of the scene we are all ‘bored’ and tired of hoping for something we are not sure will ever come.

In conclusion, I worked well with my pairings and was able to be productive. I will refer back to my notes in order to obtain and remember everything I have learned today.



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