20th January – Wordplay Homework presentations & Scene Performances

yanuarWe started off the lesson by working presenting our wordplay pieces. Leah Smith and I worked together on ours.

Here is a video of the scripts:

For the second part of the lesson we worked on a piece based on the two Harlequins. we were each given a brief about what are scene was about and told to come up with something to show. I was partnered with Harry.                                                                                                     Our scene was about mistaken identity. Harry played the part of Harlequin’s twin brother and I had to play the part of Harlequin’s lover, whom mistook his brother for him. I was directed to act affectionate towards Harry and he didn’t have a clue what I was doing, he thought I was a prostitute so he tried shooing me away but thinks I am a crazy lady so he comes back and goes along with what I’m saying to keep me happy. I end up presenting Harry with Jewels and ask him to return them to their rightful owner, but he runs off and keeps them for himself.

I learned that for this piece the acting had to be very melodramatic. I made sure everything was over the top to fit the theme of the play. I am going to go away and study this play a lot more as I found it extremely confusing yet entertaining at the same time.


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