T.I.E Rehearsal -8th November

Today we started to discuss our ideas. We have decided to use Beth’s idea of the ‘Evil shape Collector’ story. At this stage we all met to try and work out a set idea of what we want our piece to be about. As Beth has already come up with a few scenes for her presentation, we thought it would be good to come up with a few ideas of characters.

Harry wanted to add in a dog role to merge what his idea was with Beth’s. We all agreed it would be a good idea to have Harry as Beth’s character’s (Isabella) dog that is a detective. We also looked into names of characters and harry has come up with the name ‘FuFu’ for his character.

We also casted characters to each member of our group

Leah- Granny/miss Gollysmith

Josh – Evil Shape Collector

Beth- Isabella

Harry – Fufu the dog

Daytona – The Evil Shape collector’s side kick.

For next lesson, we discussed starting to work out our characters and how they would be played. We also aim to start to write some scenes of the script.



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