Task 5 – Presentations

Today we presented our Idea’s to the class about what we thought would be a good topic to do our T.I.E project on and how we would create it. Below is a video of my presentation (Video 23)

I thought my presentation went very well and I thought I presented my idea clearly. However, the feedback I received was generally positive and people thought the idea was a good topic to talk about but if it was portrayed in the wrong way, it could show the pupils that bullying is something to aspire to do because it looks ‘cool’. I personally think that it might be a tricky subject to teach and can be a touchy issue to address and if we performed it wrong, could have drastic consequences. There are also quite a few T.I.E companies that tour with this topic and I believe that they would probably be able to give the children better information than we could.

Beth Easdown:

I really liked Beth’s idea and I thought it was very well presented with clear aims. I think using the subject of maths to teach students is a very broad idea and open to be adaptable to certain year groups. The idea is also very saleable as Maths is a core subject and needs a little boosting to help engage the students. (Video 11)

Harry Ladell:

Harry’s idea is also very saleable and well adapted to the audience type. His idea was presented clearly and has a clear goal, I like the idea of the characters entering different worlds as it lets children use their imagination and can be very engaging for the audience. The piece is also very open to use audience participation which will further interest the audience, As the subject is also a core topic taught in schools, many teachers will want to use the piece to help aid their lessons. Personally, I think our T.I.E piece should be based around Harry’s idea because not only would it be challenging but fun for us, it also has a lot of potential opportunities to be adapted, even more so than mine. (video 2)

Josh Ely:

The idea Josh had was very similar to mine in the sense that it is about bullying, I thought his idea was well presented and thought about, however, with the same issue as mine, I think it could go horribly wrong if not portrayed correctly. The idea itself is a good and important topic to touch on but I fear it may not be as saleable as the others. (Video 3)

Lou Rowe:

I thought Lou’s idea was extremely good. I thought that the idea of using Makaton was brilliant, so we could tour to special needs schools or deaf units which I fear are sometimes forgotten about. The topic of using nonsense poems leaves a lot of opportunities for devising and workshop ideas as we could let the children make up their own nonsense poems. The idea is saleable and as the subject is about English and a core subject, I feel it would also help boost teacher’s lessons and encourage the children to want to learn more about English and realise that it can be fun. (Video 4)

Jack Taylor-Balls:

Jack’s idea was presented very clearly and was a fun historic subject about holiday’s. I liked the idea and I thought it could be very engaging, however, a lot of children enjoy history and I don’t think that it would need any boosting or for a T.I.E company to come in as I feel the children may already be engaged. Maths and English are the two core subjects that are least well performed in across the country however History is not, making the idea a little less saleable than the others. (video 6)

Emma Croft:

Using the idea of history to teach young children about Florence Nightingale is a great idea as she was such an important character in time, however, like with Jack’s, history is not an underperformed subject in schools and I feel the topic would be engaging enough as it is without a T.I.E boost to engage the audience even more than they already are. (Video 14)

Leah Smith:

Like with Emma and Jack’s idea, the presentation and idea was very clear however it is another history topic about the Victorian workhouses which is a huge range of information to convey to the audience and also a fun topic not in need of teaching along side individual lessons, therefore it is more unsalable than the others, however I really liked the idea and thought she had thought about all the aspects thoroughly. (video 12)

Hannah King:

I loved Hannah’s idea using science, the idea was very imaginative and well thought out with clear aims. I believe science is a good subject to teach as it can be a little un engaging to students and is also a core subject which makes it saleable. I thought that using the ideas about smoothies to teach the children about herbivore’s, carnivore’s an omnivores was very inventive and open for opportunities to use audience participation and easy to create a piece and a workshop to follow. (video 15)

James Ingram:

I enjoyed James’ idea however it was way too much information to include and using the subject of Vikings was too wide a range to help the children understand the subject fully in lots of detail. The idea was well presented and thought out, just a little inappropriate for the project in my opinion. (video 13)


Overall, I thought all of the presentations were good however I feel we could blend Harry’s and Beth’s idea together as they are very similar and use Lou’s idea of incorporating  makaton to make the idea adaptable to a range of audiences. As the subject is a core subject (Maths) The ideas’s are the most saleable and I feel would benefit the students much more than the history subjects and would encourage them to want to learn more about maths in the future which is the effect we want to leave on them.









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