Task 4 – Education Reaearch (Content)

The key stages we will be performing to are KS1 & 2. (4-11 year olds) when looking on the curriculums, the topics key stage 1 study are 

Maths: 2D shapes, Basic addition and subtraction. 

English: Handwriting, basic spelling and sounds of words/letters. Basic reading 

History: Victorian workhouses, Tudor periods, Egyptians and Romans. 

P.S.H.E: morals, values and Internet Safety. 

Science: Materials, their properties and what they’re used for. 

KeyStage 2: 

English: Grammar, Spelling, handwriting.

maths: 3D Shapes, vertices, faces, additions, subtraction and division 

science: properties, basic human biology. 

design and technology: Art, still life drawing 

history:Victoriam, Ancient Egytions, Guy Fawkes, Tudors, monarchies 

geography: How to use a map, where places are, naming continents 

art and design: Art, colouring and basic art skills, Picasso techniques 

music: instrument names, basic notes and rhythms, playing the recorder and djembe drums.

physical education (PE), including swimming, tennis, bleep tests, gymnastics

computing: PowerPoint, search skills and using word

ancient and modern foreign languages (at key stage 2): French and German, hyroglyphics. I think using mathematics or English would be extremely useful as they’re are main core subjects children might struggle with and making them fun can encourage children to want to learn more about them. For me, I feel these subjects are the most important in the curriculum, along with P.S.H.E that show children moral values. This is also as important as it teaches children life skills early on in life. 


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