Task 3 – Research into T.I.E companies 

What is Theatre In Education? (T.I.E)

Theatre in Education is a way of teaching young children in schools a subject eg, maths or History through song, acting and dance. It’s purpose is to engage children who may not enjoy/understand a subject or help to aid their knowledge that is in a different way to the conventional way of teaching through resources such as work books. It aims to educate children through a more visual way in order for them to process and remember information more easily. 

When looking into T.I.E companies who tour regularly I found a company called Saltmine. 

Saltmine are a Christian company who teach children about Morality through pieces such as Beauty and the beast. They are currently touring In Their Shoes; a unique production and workshop that celebrates and promotes unity in diversity and sensitively explores issues around extremism. The multi-faith cast and partners combine to produce a play that is itself an example of what can be achieved when different people come together and use their abilities for the achievent of certain goals. 

Another company was The hobgoblin Theatre Company are categorised into three parts. Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and whole school productions.
Here are a list of the previous shows that they have come up with and performed themselves:
Key Stage 1
The Frog Prince

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Hansel and Gretel

Little Red Riding Hood

Key Stage 2
‘The curse of the mummy’s’ – Egyptian

‘Perseus and Medusa’ – Greeks

‘The Wall’ – Romans

‘The Workhouse Boy’ – Victorians

Whole School Shows
‘The History of Maths’ – Numeracy

‘The Greatest Fairy Tale Ever Told’ – Literacy

‘A Christmas Carol’ – Christmas

‘Treasure Island’ – Christmas

The HOBGOBLIN Theatre Company use educational performances to engage their audience, they use the main medium of drama and use audience participation in order to make the children understand what they are learning about clearly. 

The final company I looked into was,Aesops theatre company. The Company aims to educate young audiences through the powers of entertainment and imagination whilst, at the same time, encouraging children to question and think for themselves.
A high standard of professionalism is maintained by employing experienced actors with specialist skills and considerable enthusiasm. All actors and Company personnel have enhanced DBS checks to work with children and vulnerable adults.
All productions are linked to the National Curriculum, and our nursery and infant plays carry an important moral or message.
Behind the scenes too, professionals in costumes, puppetry, mask-making and scenery painting have been chosen specifically for their talents and genuine interest in educational theatre.

They are currently touring with the show “Not such and Ugly Duckling” which teaches children that beauty is on the inside and out. The sad and bullied hero soon befriends the other characters and they show the audience together that bulling is hurtful and wrong. They use a lot of puppetry to portray this. This is something I would consider using in our project as it has proven to be very engaging and appropriate for our targeted audience. 


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