Second 1:1 Singing Lesson – 30th September

I didn’t have a very good lesson with Birgitta today, I came to the lesson warmed up and prepared having done the three part breathing technique, scales, sirens and creak voicing. However, I turned up with my sheet music for my new song ‘Could I leave you?’ but hadn’t listened or learned it well enough to perform. I sang through part of the song and didn’t fully know my cues, lyrics or most of the basic tune. therefore, there wasn’t much to work on with Birgitta.

Birgitta talked me through song learning techniques. One of the best ideas she came up with was that I go to the piano and play a rough copy of the song to sing along to. As I can already read sheet music, she wrote down a few of the notes for me to play and learn to help aid me in my song learning. She also told me to put on the song on youtube and sing along to that so that I can get I feel for the tune and rhythm.

Since this session, I have decided that ‘could I leave you?’ is not a song that suits my voice and have started working on the song ‘How lucky you are – Seussical’ I have applied the same method’s of learning songs that Birgitta taught me and have fully prepared the song in time for my next lesson. I need to ensure I warm up correctly and print of the sheet music in order to have a successful lesson and benefit the most from my time slot.
















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