6th September…Choir, Singing Theory, Ballet


This morning we had choir with the both the year 1’s and 2’s mixed together. It was really enjoyable and I think it broke the ice between the two years as we had to work together. We started by talking a little bit about the anatomy of the voice. Then started warming up. Firstly we started by looking at our creek voices  we made the ‘creeking’ sound – This is where you ‘sing’ the lowest you can below the lowest note you can sing. We then started singing scales to ‘wake up’ the larynx and vocal folds. Paul explained that when you sing a lower note the vocal folds ‘clap together’ much more slowly that if you were to sing a higher note. We then sang our warm up song… ‘zubbadubbadubbadubbadubdubdubdubzubbadubbadubbadubbadaa’  which is sung in vocal ranges going up the scale each time, we also bounce on our heels too get the rhythm going and to loosen up our vocals even more. The next warm up song we sang was ‘My dog is a good dog’ I feel this warm up helps me to pitch better, especially in the morning when my voice can sometimes be a little wobbly.

The last warm up that we did was ‘Robin Hood’ which is a song that mixes up four parts and it becomes challenging when everything is apart of the song and you have to do the actions as well. eg, You’d sing Robin Hood and make a bow and arrow action, Fryer Tuck you’d put your hands on your belly, for Little John you’d crouch down and for Marion, you’d make a crown action to represent the characters.

After we warmed up our voices we split into sectionals and started learning ‘Ease on down the road’. It is a fun swing/blues song. The alto part is not extremely hard but a little challenging, especially to some of the year 1’s. Paul taught up our parts for each of the lines of the song, he would play the piano and we sing back what he taught. We all sang in a circle to help everyone out so they could hear what we were singing and ease their stuggling. We completed the first 2 pages together before the end of the session.

Singing Theory…

In our first Singing theory session with Paul, we had a discussion about our applications to Drama school. He said we need to think about auditioning for as many schools as possible. We then each said what our choices were:

1.PPA – Performance Preparation Academy

2.RADA – Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

3:CSSD – Central School Of Speech and Drama 

4. Anglia Ruskin Uni

5. MTA – Musical Theatre Academy. 

After the discussion we went on to talk about our T.I.E project. We discussed the age group we would potentially be performing to. (Key Stage 1). We were then given 15 minutes to find an ‘educational song’ Beth found the guacamole song, Scott found an alphabet song and Jess, Tom and myself found horrible histories songs. When we presented our findings at the end of the class, we found that the HH songs were far too fast and complicated for people of the Key Stage 1 age group to understand. We decided that when writing a song of our own, we would need to create a simple song that included repetition, Rhyming, Alliteration, was catchy and simplistic yet educational. For out next session, Paul has asked us to find out about what sort of things are on the Key Stage 1 curriculum and start to think about ideas for creating a song based around a featured topic.


Today in Ballet, we partook in flexibility tests, we were asked to get into partners and photograph each other in different stretches. The idea of this is so that we can look back at our pictures to see how much we have progressed.

Here are my pictures from Today’s stretches:


In a few weeks time I will re evaluate myself and take the same pictures again after intense stretching over the next few weeks in order to improve my flexibility.
I also achieved 3 mins standing on 1 leg, 53 situps, 10 half press-ups and 15 seconds standing on 1 leg with my eyes closed. I will aslo re evaluate this and measure my balance again in a few weeks.



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