Friday 16th September..My first Singing Lesson.

In my first singing lesson with B today, I went through my summer work song ‘Maybe This Time’. I came to the lesson prepared with my sheet music however I had not properly warmed up. B and I did a small warm up together which consisted of scales and sirens – I found this very useful for loosing up my vocal chords and improving the quality of sound that came out. I then sang through the song twice. B then asked me to say the lyrics of the song as a monologue. She said this way I would be able to put in some natural characterisation to make the song come alive and feel more real. She then asked me to sing my song in the mirror without the piano to see how i moved and acted when I sung. I found this very useful because I could see what I was doing a certain points, for instance, I put my hand on my ‘heart’ a lot to represent hopefulness in the song however I don’t think that this specific action is appropriate for what I am trying to portray. She also asked me what I thought was wrong with the performance and I said the the visual aspect of it looked boring and she agreed. We discussed the standards they are looking for at drama school and work i need to put in in order to reach above and beyond the level they are looking for.

Next time I must warm up before going into the lesson as much of my lesson time was wasted doing so. The feedback I received from B was overall very good. She said she liked my voice however I really needed to work on the characterisation part of the song a lot more. To help me with this, I am going to join Gary’s audition class to pick up a few tips. I also want to start a new song and have it ready to show by my next singing lesson.


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