Audition Prep..

Today we did a showing of our summer pieces that we had worked on over the break. I decided to show my song ‘Maybe this time’ from Cabaret.

In the past I have struggled with my confidence when singing. I haven’t been able to get up and sing a whole song by myself in the entire time at conservatoire east. Today, I feel I have overcome this issue when I got up and sang my solo in front of my peers.

Since this performance, I have felt able to sing freely in front of people. I am also currently undertaking 1:1 characterisation classes with Lynn to help me improve/add a character into the song to engage the audience more. I feel I have taken a large step in this first week and aim to continue to grow as a performer.

Below is a video of my performance:

After Performance Evaluation:

After watching my performance back, I realised there was a slight issue with volume as I felt the song over powered my voice. To understand my volume limits I am going to go into the dance studio and upload a recording of the song sung acapella. I am also going to continue working on characterisation to make the song come alive, whilst also researching the context of the song to help me with this task.

I found the feedback I received from my peers and Tutors was extremely helpful. Lynn and Han commented on the fact I needed to add in characterisation to make the song become a performance. I also had a 1:1 session with Tom Barber (A fellow peer) who explained that I need to extend some of the phrases I sang such as ‘stay’- This note needed to be held much longer, he also said to add crescendos on some of the notes to vary the sound level along with building up the song towards the middle to get louder and more powerful. On this video I also sang in my head voice at the end but after going over a few breathing techniques with Tom he asked me to belt at the end to give the song a more powerful finish of which I did. I think that this has helped me to improve the overall vocal performance on the song and I shall be using some of these tips in the future to aid the development of my pieces.

By the next audition prep class, I want to have learned a new song to show and perform as well as have perfected ‘Maybe this time’. Overall I am pleased with the progress I have made although I feel I could have been louder and improved my stage presence greatly.





One thought on “Audition Prep..”

  1. Daytona, please could you stick a copy of the video into U10 Task 5 and cross -reference it to this blog entry where you reflect on how you did. Have you been given any feedback from tutors or peers? You should include your record of that feedback along with the video. Your reflection / evaluation of yourself works well as a blog post.


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